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Trolls under the Bridge: Neuheiten

Von den Brückentrollen kommen Neuheiten.

Den Anfang machen sehr kleine Chaosbestien:

TuB Spawns Of Erebos 1 TuB Spawns Of Erebos 2 TuB Spawns Of Erebos 3 TuB Spawns Of Erebos 4

Spawns of Erebos – €9.00

Would you ever want to know what happens to the berserker warrior when the eye of the dark god spots his bloodlust? Yeah, the Spawn!

In set you can find components necessary for the completion of two Spawn models.

The theme of this set is usable for every evil / fantasy / chaotic faction of various fantasy games.

What you get:

  • 2 unassambled metal miniatures
  • 2 acrylic stands of 20 x 40 mm

Weiter geht es mit handlichen Taschenflamern:

TuB Hand Flamers 1 TuB Hand Flamers 2

Hand Flamers – €4,50

Our three weapons are fear and surprise and ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical dedication to the Emperor.
And also super-heated scorching flame!
Cardinal Ximinez, prior battle of Aspenix

What you get

Two pairs of gauntlets holding flamer pistols (right and left hand). Designed for 28mm miniatures – mostly Sisters of Battle.
The weapon is held in the hand, so the conversion work couldn’t be easier. The bit already has prepared hole for inserting 2mm round neodymium magnet.

Bits are cast of resin, so it’s quite easy to do any minor modification. Please check pictures for better view of the conversion.

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