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Titanforge: Oktober Patreon Previews

Titan Forge Miniatures haben gestern auf Patreon gezeigt was ihre Patrons im Oktober erwartet, sowohl bei Titan Forge, als auch bei Cyber Forge.

23 October 21 Release 23 Animalfolk Bases 23 Animalfolk Spirit 23 Animalfolk Beaver 23 Animalfolk Owl 23 Animalfolk Boar 23 Animalfolk Mino1 23 Animalfolk Mino2 23 Animalfolk Wolf 23 Animalfolk Rabit 1 23 Animalfolk Rabit 2 23 Animalfolk Mod All 23 Animalfolk Mod Parts 23 Animalfolk Terrain RPG 17 Tiefling Fighter RPG 17 THuman Warrior RPG 17 Gnome Mage

Hello everyone!

Today we have for you full preview of October release, which is AnimalFolk from the Gloomvale Woods.

The Gloomvale Woods are shrouded in mystery. People in the towns surrounding this dark and misty forest tell odd stories about evil spirits and terrifying creatures living among the trees. Outsiders do not pay much attention to them but there is a grain of truth in every, even the most wicked story.

War Against Nature. Centuries ago, King Cereas III was leading a war effort against the Vilkarians, and to deliver the final blow, he required a powerful navy. The king ordered to build dozens of new lumber mills in the northern parts of his kingdom. The wood from the trees growing in those regions was ideal to build large and sturdy vessels. Everything was going according to plan until the lumberjacks entered the Gloomvale Woods. People started disappearing at night. The forest itself seemed to have put up a fight against them. Bewildered, King Cereas III was certain it was an elvish tribe or a druidic cult interfering with the deforestation. In response, he sent a regiment of troops to protect the lumberjacks and squish the forest guardians. No one has heard from these people ever again.

Dark Curse. It was not the elves nor the druids that opposed the king. A primeval spirit of the Gloomvale Woods rose against the invaders. All those who entered the forest, both fighters and loggers, were eventually lost to its ancient primal magic. The spirit used its powers to twist their bodies, cursing them to remain in the forest for eternity. It turned the people into animal-like creatures, the new ruthless guardians of the Gloomvale Woods.

Calosc Napisy Jackie Havok1 Jackie Havok2 Jackie Havok3 Kruger The Tinhunter Hannibal Okamoto Bragga Blackstorm Atalli The Netwanderer Aerin Chromeleaf Acid Veerx Barin Kaboon Torinsson Bash Ironhawk Gutflinger1 Pinkorr Riders Bar Bar2 Bases

Hello everyone!

This month, we are going out with the low-life high-tech science-fantasy theme! Check out all the new character models along with the modular stand-alone bar that can also be mixed-and-matched with the assets from the Biker Guys From Mars bar released exactly one year ago in October 2020!

This is not all that’s coming this October. We are getting ready a little bonus surprise to celebrate Halloween!

Afterward, Hexes and Katanas will be back in the following month with some more strictly cyberpunk-themed characters, too!

Lastly, the team is absolutely hyped for the incoming Dune premiere. It has inspired a desert release that we are putting a lot of work into to make it really special. We can’t wait to show you some first models!

Quelle: Titan Forge auf Patreon

Quelle: Cyber Forge auf Patreon


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  • Die (nicht) Shadowrun Sachen sind sogar mal ganz cool.
    Die Ork Ripoffs mal wieder wie paktisch alles was sie an 40k meToo Produkten machen die bytes nicht wert die der Download verschlingt.

    Die Fantasy Sachen sind sogar ziemlich gut dieses Mal….

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