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Tidy Town: Kickstarter

Digital Taxidermy hat eine neue Kickstarter Kampagne gestartet.

Tidy Town – Modular stackable Sci-fi terrain hobby organizer – Kickstarter


Carry all your gaming and painting gear then build your table from the boxes for 3D printed Tabletop Gaming includes thousands of STL’s

Tidy Town KS 1 Tidy Town KS 2 Tidy Town KS 3 Tidy Town KS 4 Tidy Town KS 5 Tidy Town KS 6 Tidy Town KS 7

Pledge £13 or moreABOUT €16

Tidy Town Modular Terrain System

Get the whole Tidy Town Kickstarter including all unlocked stretch goals for a minimum of £13

We hope this is worth more to you though and any tips are gratefully received

Pledge £60 or moreABOUT €71

Central planning district – Commercial

12 month license to sell printed models from this Kickstarter and STUFF-IN Stacker
plus all unlocked stretch goals.

Includes Tidy-Town and STUFF-IN Stacker file sets

At the end of the first year we can review/renew the license.

You will receive support and opportunity to add feedback on model development.

This does NOT include an ability to sell other Digital Taxidermy products and models, ONLY those from the Tidy Town Kickstarter and STUFF-IN Stacker.
You may NOT re-sell STL’s or digitally distribute the models in any way.

You will have to confirm your understanding prior to release of the files.

See the STUFF-IN Stacker for details on that file set here: https://www.digitaltaxidermy.co.uk/stuff-in-stacker-modular-game-storage-paint-station.html


No matter what we do to promote and get these projects out there, we always find there is someone that hasn’t heard about it, so please do tell your friends, your gaming club, your enemies, your mother….just tell everyone because more shares means more people, means more backers, means more stretch goals.


Free Files

We haven’t created any free files specifically for this Kickstarter, however for those that don’t know our work we have a catalog of free files on our website you can try out to see the sort of thing you can expect from this file set.

you can find these files on our website, here: https://www.digitaltaxidermy.co.uk/free-stl-files-3d-printing.html



We haven’t pre constructed any addon packages for this as our collection is now vast, instead we will be sending every backer a code which will allow people to pick up models and packs from our collection with a significant discount at the end of the campaign if you wish to pick up any extras for your collection.


Kickstarter Delivery

At the close of the campaign, Kickstarter will take 7 days to ensure that all funds are collected, during this week we will be making sure that all the packages, files and coupons are ready for you.

Once we have confirmation that all pledges are collected (7 days from the end date) we will be sending you an email containing your campaign collection coupon codes. This email will come from sales@digitaltaxidermy.co.uk, please ensure that this address is on your safe list, we will be notifying everyone of the email delivery via the Kickstarter website.

These emails are sent with our newsletter distributor, Moosend. The mails will be automatically resent to people that don’t open the first round after 4 days.

During the time of the campaign finish and the Kickstart funds collection, your patience is appreciated.

If for whatever reason you can’t find the emails in your inbox, spam or junk folder then please make sure sales@digitaltaxidermy.co.uk is on your safe list and notify us and we will resend your email right away.


Once you have your collection codes by email

You can log onto our website, create an account, select the package you pledged for and apply the code to collect the pledge. (all instructions included in the email).

The files are stored on our server and you can download them from there as many times as you need, so you have no worries about losing the files or losing access to them. We would recommend downloading them as you need them so you are printing with the newest version of the file.

You can access your files by logging into our website, clicking in the three horizontal lines in the right upper corner, clicking on ‚My Account‘ and then clicking on ‚My downloadable products.


What’s it for?

These models will be suitable for 28mm Sci-fi gaming terrain and would be suitable for games like Judge Dredd, Necromunda, Fallout Wasteland, Infinity, Konfilkt ’47, Kill Team, WH40K, Titanicus, Stargrave, 5 parsecs from home, sci-fi RPG’s and Star Wars Legion. It also adds flavor to RPG’s such as SLA Industries and Paranoia!


Ongoing Support

We will be here to answer any questions or solve any problems you may have with this product today and for the life of this product. With the .ZIP files stored on our server we can easily update them with any corrections or repairs that need to be done.

We are contactable on sales@digitaltaxidermy.co.uk and we have a changelog for updates located on our website. Should you notice a problem we suggest that you first check thechangelog to see if there has been an updated file already done. In this event just re-download the .ZIP from our server and you will have the latest version of it.

We are based in the UK and our business hours are 9am – 5pm GMT Monday to Friday. While we do try to maintain communication outside of these hours, your patience is appreciated during out of office times.



Ende: Mon, October 11 2021 12:59 AM CEST.

Staand: 3.400+ GBP (Ziel 1.000 GBP)

Link: Tidy Town KS

BK-Herr Kemper

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  • Klasse Idee. Wenn ich im SciFi-Bereich unterwegs wäre, wäre das glaube ich ein Pflichtpledge. Und bei 16,- € kann man nur wenig falsch machen…

    Lieben Gruß

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