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The Price of Crowns: Kickstarter läuft

Die Napoleonische Zeit bekommt einen neuen Kickstarter.

LL The Price Of Crowns 1

The Price of Crowns

The army of the Kingdom of Württemberg caught my fancy almost exactly a year ago when I visited the battlefield of Eggmühl. There were a few signs in the centre of Eggmühl telling the story of the heroic conquest of the castle by the Württemberg Light Infantry Brigade „Hügel“. And from then on my interest was awakened!

I always found it deeply tragic and fascinating at the same time what price the newly founded kingdoms of the Confederation of the Rhine, such as Bavaria and Württemberg, had to pay for their crowns. Namely, thousands of young men who never returned home from Napoleon’s campaigns. Württemberg alone lost almost 27,000 men by 1815.

Hence the name of this Kickstarter: The Price of Crowns.

LL The Price Of Crowns 2

I started this range at the beginning of the year as a kind of lockdown project for practice. But as time went on, more and more figures were added until I had almost a whole range of infantry together!

The soldiers‘ uniforms roughly cover the period from 1806 to 1812. The sources sometimes vary slightly on details and I have tried to find a suitable middle ground.

Why Kickstarter? 

This campaign finances the production of the master 3D prints and the production of the figures in metal. The production costs are still relatively high for my young company. That’s why I’m using Kickstarter for this, which minimises my losses should the campaign not be successful. I have already had two of the sets produced in advance to ensure that there will be no problems during production, and I am very happy to say that everything worked out wonderfully!

Now it’s your turn!

I hope there are some people out there that would like to collect and field the Army of Württemberg in all its glory. But even if you don’t wargame the Napoleonic Wars, but appreciate fine detailed and wonderfully cast figures that are easy to paint, then I would be very happy about your support!

By doing so, you will not only invest in some miniatures, but also in my new company, Piano Wargames, and help me to bring you many more miniatures in the future! If this campaign is successful, I would like to add cavalry and artillery to the range, for example.

Please note:

All painted figures shown here are 3D prints from my own home printer, so there may be a few printer lines visible here and there. This will not be the case with the final figures, I will have the master prints for the molds professionally made!

LL The Price Of Crowns 3 LL The Price Of Crowns 4 LL The Price Of Crowns 5 LL The Price Of Crowns 6 LL The Price Of Crowns 7

LL The Price Of Crowns 8

Infantery Regiment No.1 Prinz Paul

Free Flags

All supporters will receive a free PDF with flags for all 9 infantry regiments of the Kingdom of Württemberg upon reaching the initial campaign goal!

These can be printed out at home. I used them for my own figures, which you can see on this page.

LL The Price Of Crowns 9

LL The Price Of Crowns 10

Light Infantry Brigade „Hügel“ on their way to Eggmühl

LL The Price Of Crowns 11 LL The Price Of Crowns 12

LL The Price Of Crowns 13

Some Jaegers who captured a bavarian village from the Austrians.

LL The Price Of Crowns 14 LL The Price Of Crowns 15

LL The Price Of Crowns 16 LL The Price Of Crowns 17

LL The Price Of Crowns 18 LL The Price Of Crowns 19

LL The Price Of Crowns 20

Mehr Infos zu den Minis:

LL The Price Of Crowns 21 LL The Price Of Crowns 22 LL The Price Of Crowns 23

LL The Price Of Crowns 24

Light Infantry skirmishing ahead of the main army

Regarding Shipping: 

As this is my first campaign, I am trying to be careful about delivery dates.

However, September should work for the digital models and October/November for the physical models. I’ve put November as the date, but I’m hoping to deliver as early as October!

In any case, I will keep all supporters well informed!

Please note that there could be a country-specific VAT, other taxes or import fees collected by your local authorities, depending on your location. These are not included within the shipping fees. It is possible that you’ll have to  pay these charges to the courier or local custom services.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 20 Tage und ist finanziert.

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  • Ich finde die Figuren mag gut. Das Konzept mega. Sowohl files als auch Zinn. Minis in der Qualität der perrys. Klasse. Das ist das beste. Ich hoffe auf viele weitere Kickstarter.

  • Bin dabei 👍
    Wirklich gut gemachte Figuren und dann zur Abwechslung mal wieder aus Deutschland. Kommt mir nach dem Brexit und den damit verbundenen Zusatzkosten wirklich gelegen.
    Ich hoffe er kann die Range später mal mit Artillerie und Kavallerie komplettieren.

  • Die sehen echt klasse aus und ich will schon lange mal eine kleine Truppe Würtemberger aufbauen!

    • Weil die alle schon im Digitalen Grundpledge eingeschlossen sind, egal ob sie erreicht werden oder nicht.

  • Ok, das mit dem direkt antworten an Element hat wohl nicht geklappt, egal. Sehr schönes, professionelles Projekt, eine tolle Überraschung. Bin ich natürlich dabei.

  • Sehr cool! Bisher kenn ich Württemberger nur von einem anderen Hersteller aber lange nicht in der Qualität.
    Find das Projekt toll – obwohl Kickstarter so gar nicht meins ist. Von den bekannten Herstellern kommt ja seit langem nur die X. Version der Briten oder Franzosen und die Rheinbundstaaten werden arg vernachlässigt.

  • Das Ding läuft für einen Historischen Kickstarter wie geölt.
    Freue mich über den Erfolg.

  • Ich suche oft vergebens historische Kickstarter (3 D-Druck) in guter Qualität.
    Die scheinen aber echt rar zu sein.
    Oder läuft das eher über andere Seiten als Kickstarter?

    Der hier vorgestellte ist top und mich freut sehr, dass er gut läuft

    Wenn sich der Ersteller jetzt noch dazu bereit erklärt über Reiterei und ein Kanönchen nachzudenken wäre das genial!

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