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Tangent Miniatures: Previews

Tangent Minatures zeigt Previews neuer Sculpts.

Tangent Previews2 Tangent Previews3 Tangent Previews4 Tangent Previews5 Tangent Previews6 Tangent Previews7 Tangent Previews8

And some Add-Ons, Optional Heads and our first Wasteland Bounty Hunters

Tangent Previews9 Tangent Previews10 Tangent Previews11 Tangent Previews12 Tangent Previews13 Tangent Previews14 Tangent Previews15

Second set on the way as well, Wastelanders!

Tangent Previews16 Tangent Previews17 Tangent Previews18 Tangent Previews1

First set of miniatures for our KS sent off to the casters, expect to see these in the metal come January!

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