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Tabletop Troubadour: Tree Rex

Der mächtige Tree Rex – der Teil des Hagglethorn Hollow KS war, ist nun auf Printable Scenery erhältlich.

Tabletop Troubadour Tree Rex  1 Tabletop Troubadour Tree Rex  2 Tabletop Troubadour Tree Rex  3 Tabletop Troubadour Tree Rex  4 Tabletop Troubadour Tree Rex  5

Tabletop Troubadour – Tree Rex

From concept sketch to a digital sculpt to the physical 3D print! The Tree Rex is available now from Printable Scenery as part of the recently released Hagglethorn Hollow STL Collection. The King of the Tree Creatures has kept Hagglethonians safe from many ill-intentioned adventurers, yet like the other beasts who inhabit the Wandering Woods, he is amiable enough when left alone. However, for those who have tried, their weapons litter the grove where he makes his nest. https://buff.ly/3p9uy41

Link: Printable Scenery

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