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Sarissa Precision: V2

Sarissa Precision veröffentlicht Produkte rund um die deutsche V2.

Sarissa Precision V2 Bundle 2 Sarissa Precision V2 Bundle 3 Sarissa Precision V2 Bundle 1

Sarissa Precision – V2 Bundle

A world first, the V2 was a supersonic long-ranged guided-missile, transportable and operable from a mobile platform. But it wasn’t until 1943 when the brave Austrian resistance smuggled complete blueprints of this deadly threat to the American OSS that the allies recognised the danger this Vengence weapon would pose.

The V2 could be launched practically anywhere, roads running through forests being a particular favourite. The system was so mobile and small that only one Meillerwagen was ever caught in action by Allied aircraft. This meant that catching them on the ground, at the railhead or the launch units’ preparation facility, would become a top priority!

The Hanomag heavy tractor (model SS-100 ) was used by both Army and Luftwaffe units. V2 units used it for towing the “Vidalwagen” which transported the V2 rocket from the railhead to the launch units’ preparation facility. It was also used to tow the Meillerwagen, transporting the V2 rocket to the launch site and erecting it.

The Strabokran – Lift Gantry was a mobile gantry crane built by J.S. Fries Sohn and used by German Army tank repair units and V2 launch units. A perfect piece of terrain for a raid objective…

  • V2Rocket and Launch Stand (28mm ) 15,00 GBP
  • V2 Rocket Road Trailer (28mm ) 10,00 GBP
  • V2 Rocket Rail Car (28mm ) 15,00 GBP
  • V2 Rocket Rail Car (28mm ) 10,00 GBP
  • Strabokran – Lift Gantry (28mm ) 15,00 GBP
  • V2 Rocket Transport Set (Bundle) 55,00 GB

Quelle: Sarissa Precision

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