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Rebel Minis: The Viper Suit Kickstarter

Der aktuelle Kickstarter von Rebel Minis endet morgen.

The Variable Payload Raider, or Viper Suit, as the troops call it, is a modular mech chassis originally designed for construction, mining, and exploration. Intrepid colonists system-wide use Vipers in every manner of hard vacuum and hostile environment. The bipedal vehicles have proved to be rugged, durable, and easily printed and assembled, even from hobbyist weld-printers or simpler models of colonial material fabricator boxes (fabboxes).

RM The Viper Suit From Rebel Minis Digital Direct 1

Humans being humans, though, the Viper Suit was soon pressed into combat. The modular nature of the Viper makes it able to be fitted with weaponry from the Earth Defense Forces, the Titan Marines, or any other faction that wants to protect its oxygen and ore. Protective plating forged to stop incoming micrometeorites can also resist small arms fire. Open-source weapon files and ammunition recipes are readily found on the SystemNet.

Mankind didn’t leave violence behind on Earth. The Viper Suit is proof that any tool, even one that is 18 feet tall, can be reforged into a weapon.

RM The Viper Suit From Rebel Minis Digital Direct 2 RM The Viper Suit From Rebel Minis Digital Direct 3 RM The Viper Suit From Rebel Minis Digital Direct 5

Tell Me More.  Now.

Like the opening text stated in such flowery prose, the Viper Suit is pretty simple.

It’s a downloadable package of .stl files so you can print a physical model of the Viper Suit mech. Stereolithography, or STL for short, is the format most printers take.

At its simplest, The Viper Suit is hull, legs, and weapons, with the potential for more add-ons and other figures.  Where we go from there is a matter of stretch goals that will indicate how much more folks want. If things go well, there’s potential for redesigning some old 15mm Rebel Minis favorites, updating and refreshing the designs for both scales.

GunCATs, RUMV civilian vehicles, new power armors, detailed interior cockpits, stowage sets, and much, much more. And Jetpacks. Jetpacks!!!

Along the way, we’ll also have discounted digital files for 28mm and 15mm tanks, armored vehicles, and even Megatanks! Woot! Megatanks!

RM The Viper Suit From Rebel Minis Digital Direct 4

So What Do You Need From Me?  Why? And What Am I Getting For My Pledge?

This is a step into a larger digital arena, and we want to be properly equipped. A new sculpting computer, software upgrades, and server space are required to handle this new digital infrastructure. Your money goes towards that, and maybe a nice celebratory beer.

What do you get for your money? STL Files. Electronic data that you can then feed into your 3D printer, or one you have access to, and pop out -unlimited- personal copies of the Viper Suit. Want to make it bigger or smaller? You can, with your printer’s software (We’ll show you how). Want to cover the tabletop in Viper Suits? You can. Your pledge lets you print as many as you want, as long as you don’t sell them, without paying a royalty or fee. They’re yours to keep.

Is The Viper Suit Ready?

Yes. As you can see from the photos and graphics, the base Viper Suit has been designed and printed, and it looks great on the tabletop.

The STLs for the 28mm and 15mm base versions are ready to go, as are supported and unsupported files.

Stretch goals will be fulfilled within weeks to months of the campaign closing, depending on how far we get.

Why Is The Viper Suit Only Available As 3D Printer Files?

The world is changing. International border agreements have gone topsy-turvy. Shipping has gone through the roof. Materials for casting and moldmaking have all jumped in price, causing bottlenecks in manufacturing and delivery.

Digital transmission of files cuts through all that like a hot knife through butter.

There are no customs forms. No boxes to get lost in the mail. No bubbles or miscasts. There’s just you and your printer.

We’re living in the future, where we can design something on our computer, and people can make it half-way around the world in a few hours.

Die Kampagne endet morgen und ist finanziert.

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  • Ja und wenn jetzt noch ein halbwegs ordentlicher Kopierschutz kommen würde, könnten auch Einzelpersonen STLs veröffentlichen ohne das sie 5 min später tausendfach geteilt werden. Das ist halt die Kehrseite des Ganzen.

    • Der ist bereits fast ausgereift. Allerdings kann ich dir sagen das man auch jetzt schon so gut verdient damit, das der Kopierschutz absolut zu vernachlässigen ist. Der Markt wird desweiteren dermaßen überflutet, das die wenigsten überhaupt dazu kommen bzw sich nicht die Mühe machen Raubkopien zu erstellen.
      ALLERDINGS schaut die Sache natürlich bei GW Zeug anders aus, da wird getauscht was das Zeug hält! Ich muss, aber sagen das ich zB nicht 3d drucke um GW Zeug zu bekommen. Wenn ich einen Space Marine haben will, kauf ich einen.

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