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Plastic Soldier: Französischer Bund Starter

Plastic Soldier bieten einen neuen Starter für dien 100jährigen Krieg an.

PlasticSoldier Frenchstarter 01 PlasticSoldier Frenchstarter 02 PlasticSoldier Frenchstarter 03 PlasticSoldier Frenchstarter 04 PlasticSoldier Frenchstarter 05

We’re pleased that we can now announce the release of our Hundred Years’ War French Pacto Starter Army! These miniatures come from the same range as our HYW English, originally cast in metal by Corvus Belli. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting their release, we apologise for the delay but you can imagine the difficulties we’ve been having due to Covid working restrictions and our supply chain….
We’re casting them in our semi-flexible Ultracast plastic and boxing them for Simon Hall’s Mortem et Gloriam wargaming rules. There’s a good mix of miniatures in the box so you will be able to start an army for other rules too. The box includes the following 15mm miniatures: 3 mounted generals, 6 foot command, 18 mounted knights, 18 foot knights, 24 crossbowmen, 18 spearmen with pavise.
Order yours now! We will begin shipping in the week beginning 8 March.
Painted miniatures are courtesy of Corvus Belli and show the original metal range now produced in Ultracast plastic (more photos on the website).

Die Box kostet 39,95 GBP.

Quelle: The Plastic Soldier Company auf Facebook


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