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Pirate Island: STL Kickstarter

Weil Piraten ja nie aus der Mode kommen – der Pirate Island STL Kickstarter: Gebäude und mehr für eine Pirateninsel. Ahoi!

Das Projekt:

Many of us dreamed of visiting the Caribbean at least once during the heyday of piracy, to plunge into the romance of this time. Unfortunately, time machines have not yet been invented. But we came up with and made a project with a large number of 3d models of architecture, scenery and pirates. You can use our 3d models in board games to feel like a captain on a pirate ship. Explore, wander, attack cities and rob greedy merchants, creating a fearsome reputation as the most dangerous and influential pirate in the entire Caribbean basin. Let the merchants tremble just at the mention of your name! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the era of piracy to quench your thirst for profit and realize your most insane plans! Now look what we’ve done for you! We created this project for about 5 months! We spent a lot of effort and energy! We spent many sleepless nights to give this world a new high-quality collection about pirates who are hungry for adventure! Become the master of your life right now! Stop talking! Moving forward! We are waiting for an adventure!

Pirate Island KS2 Pirate Island KS3 Pirate Island KS4 Pirate Island KS5

The high-resolution renderings of Pirate Harbor will allow you to see what your pirate harbor might look like when you print it. That’s why we paid so much attention to the renderings of this universe in this project. We want you to have the opportunity to realize how great the variety of our collection is and to feel the full depth of the atmosphere of pirate color with your whole soul. We try to improve our skills and allow our clients to get into the past. It is a difficult task, but we tried very hard to make our sponsors very happy. We wanted you to be able to easily imagine what awaits you when you decide to print our 3d models to create your own game universe. An extensive variety of renderings from different angles will make it easier for you to fantasize and appreciate the greatness that lies in the potential of our project for your ideas. Create your own pirate island with your own rules. Let’s not waste any time! Moving on!


You can print our 3D models up to 40 cm in height and get a high degree of quality. All files are optimized for different scales. You can reduce or increase any of our 3D model by 900% without any damage to the quality.

We recommend printers with a bed size nearly 200 x 200 mm (as Prusa, Ultimaker or Clones have. Also Makerbot & Clones 225 x 150mm will work).

We are very pleased that you choose our collection, because we tried very hard to create it.

Die Modelle:

Pirate Island KS6 Pirate Island KS7 Pirate Island KS8 Pirate Island KS9 Pirate Island KS10 Pirate Island KS11 Pirate Island KS12 Pirate Island KS13 Pirate Island KS14 Pirate Island KS15 Pirate Island KS16 Pirate Island KS17 Pirate Island KS18 Pirate Island KS19 Pirate Island KS20 Pirate Island KS1 Pirate Island KS21 Pirate Island KS22 Pirate Island KS23 Pirate Island KS24 Pirate Island KS25 Pirate Island KS26 Pirate Island KS27 Pirate Island KS28

Stretch Goals:

Pirate Island KS29 Pirate Island KS30 Pirate Island KS31 Pirate Island KS32 Pirate Island KS33 Pirate Island KS43 Pirate Island KS44 Pirate Island KS45 Pirate Island KS46 Pirate Island KS47 Pirate Island KS1 Pirate Island KS2 Pirate Island KS3 Pirate Island KS4 Pirate Island KS5 Pirate Island KS6 Pirate Island KS7 Pirate Island KS8 Pirate Island KS9


Der All-In Pledge kostet 99,00 USD (oder 90,00 USD wenn man auf die Stretch Goals verzichtet).

Der Stand er Finanzierung ist derzeit 3.500+ USD von 1.000 USD.

Die Kampagne endet Sun, June 27 2021 10:04 PM CEST.

Link: Pirate Island KS

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