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Pick-a-Prop: Chopsticks Unleashed

Pick-a-Prop – Chopsticks Unleashed ist ein kleiner Kickstarter für Asien-Props im STL-Format.


Die Kampagne:

Pick A Prop Chopsticks Unleashed3

After the amazing success of Bases‘ HOT Madness, our first 2021 campaign, we decided to launch a project we’ve been thinking about for a pretty long time.

Wait a second; did you miss Bases Hot Madness?! Don’t worry, you’re in luck!;)

(Keep reading and jump to the „tiers“ section, you could find some interesting add-ons!;)

So, part of our family is from Asia, and we just celebrated the Chinese New Year. With our bellies full of love letters (jump at the bottom of this page if you’re curious about them;), delicious pandan cake, dumplings, and more incredible treats, we had so much fun with Chopsticks Unleashed!

This is all about Asian-inspired props ’n scatter terrains; you’ll find a huge selection of 3D printable STL files for your tabletop games, diorama ’n collectible miniatures.

Following our own taste, our followers‘ preferences, ’n Kickstarter backers‘ tips, we decided to mix several main themes; from cyberpunk to the old village. We consulted our hugecollection of historical, ethnological, travel, and sociocultural books about Asia (from Japan to China, from Indonesia to India and more), but this set doesn’t have a historiographic purpose, so let’s take it with the right amount of imagination, common sense, and empathy. All the sculptures included in this collection are Asian-inspired and find their roots in the Asian folklore and traditions, as they’re part of our own culture, but we don’t strictly aim to represent something real.

Please keep reading ’n find out more about this badass Kickstarter campaign:D

Pick A Prop Chopsticks Unleashed4


As always, you can choose the tier that better meets your taste and needs; if you have any doubts or can’t choose, just drop us a line, we’ll be happy to help:)

All our backers will also have access to a FREE sample to download and try right now, an exclusive 50% OFF voucher on our MMF store (we’ll send you the code together with the 3D rewards once the campaign is over. You’ll be able to use your special discount for 1 month), and access to project updates🙂

By joining us, you’ll also gain access to each unlocked stretch goal! (If you’re a „cup of tea“ backer, you’ll only get 1 free mini to print and the MMF coupon, not the set of props nor the stretch goals)

However, if you change your mind, you can jump into another tier anytime, so take it easyand enjoy the madness!:)

All the files are intended for personal use only and you won’t be allowed to share/sell/copy etc. etc. our 3D models and digital content, but if you enjoy 3D printing and wanna show the world your skills, you’ll be super welcome in our international community of official resellers!:D

By purchasing the commercial license, you’ll be allowed to legally sell printed copies of the minis included in this set (of course, you’ll always have to attribute and credit us, but we’ll be happy to share our favorite works!:D)

If you missed our previous Asian-inspired campaign Battle for Genbushan or our bases-only set Bases HOT Madness, you can get them now for a special price as ADD-ONS

Main Themes:

Pick A Prop Chopsticks Unleashed1 Pick A Prop Chopsticks Unleashed5 Pick A Prop Chopsticks Unleashed6 Pick A Prop Chopsticks Unleashed7 Pick A Prop Chopsticks Unleashed8 Pick A Prop Chopsticks Unleashed9

The standards set includes 6 main categories (scroll down to find a FREE model to download right now!).

NOTE: We sculpted each mini based on a 32/40 mm scale character, but you can easily scale them as you wish according to your own needs, games, and diorama.

Please take a look at the full list of high-quality printable props we created for you:)

1. Cyberpunk

2. Chinese New Year

3. Market

4. The Old Village

5. Zen Garden

6. Dojo


Ende: 6. März 2021 12:14 AM CET.

Finanzierung: 1.700+ EUR (Ziel 500 EUR)

Link: Pick A Prop KS

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