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One Page Rules: Jakob’s Path Kampagne

One Page Rules haben ihr erstes Kampagnenset für Grimdark Future veröffentlicht.

Jakobs Path OnePageRules

Jakob’s Path is a narrative campaign for Grimdark Future that follows the story of Jakob, a ruthless Battle Brothers captain, in his quest to conquer the Orc world of Zeloria-M5, whilst searching for a mysterious artifact. This game expansion for Grimdark Future takes players on an adventure across 10 missions which are tied together by an exciting story of epic proportions. Rules for unit progression are also included, so you can watch your armies grow and evolve throughout the campaign. Even though this narrative campaign was written with Battle Brothers and Orc Marauders in mind, it is easy to imagine this type of clash to be happening between any of the other factions in the galaxy, so feel free to swap them out with whatever armies you have available to play.

Note that to play this campaign you’re going to need the core rules for Grimdark Future as well as some army lists, which you can find for free on our website

Die Kampagne alleine kostet 4,99 USD.

Alternativ könnt ihr auch die Kampagne im Bundle kaufen mit PDFs für Papiergelände, Papier Miniaturen für Orks und Battlebrothers, sowie Papierminiaturen für die Charaktermodelle der Kampagne:

OPR PappMinis9 OPR PappMinis8 OPR PappMinis7 OPR PappMinis6 OPR PappMinis5 OPR PappMinis4 OPR PappMinis3 OPR PappMinis2 OPR PappMinis1 OPR PappTerrain2 OPR PappTerrain1

Das Bundle kostet 11,99 USD.

Link: One Page Rules auf Wargames Vault


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