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Mythic Battles: Ragnarök Previews

Monolith zeigen ihr nächstes Projekt.

MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök 1

We’ve never been so close! We are aiming for a launch in the second half of this quarter and will be able to publish the exact date in the next two weeks.

We are still waiting for some information from our partner factories before we publish the survey from which we will gauge demand for what Mythic Battles: Pantheon products we would include in the upcoming Mythic Battles: Ragnarök campaign.
This survey will allow backers to indicate their choice of Mythic Battles: Pantheon products from the entire MB-P product range and not just those products that have already been reprinted. If there is sufficient demand, those products will be added to the range of available products in the Mythic Battles: Ragnarök Kickstarter campaign or Pledge manager.
The only MB-P product we will offer during the Mythic Battles Ragnarök Kickstarter campaign will be the Mythic Battles Pantheon 1.5 core box (and its Stretch Goals).
All other Mythic Battles Pantheon products we elect to add (including the MB-P1.5 core box) will be available in the Mythic Battles Ragnarök pledge manager.
It’s our attempt not to overwhelm or complicate choices for new players of the game.
The next few weeks will see a series of news on MBR, revealing to you before the launch all the contents of the basic box:

During the next few weeks news and updates will reveal Mythic Battles: Ragnarök core box contents: miniatures, game boards, new features, gameplay… We will take an in-depth tour of the box before launching these side by side (or face to face) mythical clashes!

Und diese Modelle gab es zuletzt zu sehen:

MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Thor 6 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Thor 1 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Thor 2 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Thor 3 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Thor 4 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Thor 5


Unit type : God

The Eddas tell us that Odin united with the earth, embodied in the Aesir Jörd.

And that Jörd brought forth Thor from this union, so that he could rule the storms. So, listen carefully to the thunder when you hear it in the distance. It growls the exploits of Odin’s son in the clouds. It rolls with every fight Thor has fought against the assault of Chaos. It howls when the champion of Asgard throws his hammer Mjöllnir into the faces of the Giants!

Thor is the mightiest warrior in the house of Odin. Thor’s lightning strikes from weapons forged by the Dwarves, but his rains are bountiful. Thor protects Midgard and Asgard the realm of the gods. Thor is brave, loyal and willful, but beware of his fury! He is the Scourge of the Giants and many of that race have perishished under his blows, like the Jötunn who raised the walls of the grandiose Asgard. Like Hrugnir Stone Skull, whose head Thor smashed in a duel, after the Drunken Giant boasted of drinking all the ale of the gods and killing them all except the goddesses he would take with him. Like Thjazi, whom Thor slaughtered when the Giant dared to kidnap Idunn, the beautiful Aesir who presides over eternal youth and whom Loki had delivered in exchange for his release. Like Geirröd, for having captured the same Loki, and that Thor, forced to appear without his weapons, was able to slay thanks to the gloves and the prodigious belt provided by Grid the Giant. Like Hymir, when the Giant provoked Thor’s fury by cutting the line holding the serpent Jormungand, which the Jötunn and the god had managed to hook. Dreadful is the fury of the storm!

In Mythic Battles Ragnarök, that anger translates to the battlefield in Thor’s ability to perform spectacular area effect attacks or launch Mjöllnir to target a unit anywhere on the board, regardless of the enemy’s location. Not content with being a brutal and powerful warrior, Thor also shows a great deal of resilience, thanks to his two goats, Tanngrisnir & Tanngnjostr, which he can devour every day in order to regain vitality. Woe thus to him who dares to face the god of thunder, for his bravery is matched only by the strength of his arm!

MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Frost Giant 1 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Frost Giant 2 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Frost Giant 3 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Frost Giant 4


In the beginning was the Gouffre, Ginnungagap, on the steps of the misty ice floes of the Nilfheim and the scorching expanses of Muspellheim. Mixed in this primary chaos, fire and ice gave birth to Ymir Firstborn, who had all the strength and brutality of these two elements. And Ymir, male and female at the same time, in his turn gave birth to innumerable Giants. He grew in vigor, size and violence. Fearing that his power was spiraling out of control, Odin and his brothers had no choice but to assassinate him. Then rivers of blood flowed from Ymir’s wounds, and drowned his children. Refugees in the hollow of a dead tree, only two of them escaped the flood. And from these two was born their entire race, which grew in resentment towards the Aesir and Vanir, a hatred which few of them escaped. So when they created Midgard to house humans, the gods also spawned Jötunheim, where the Giants could grow and multiply. Then they fashioned deep lakes and high mountain ranges to separate these two worlds.
The gods have long had nothing but contempt for Ymir’s crude children. Yet within them still flows the chaotic energy from which their race arose. In them still resides the ancient wisdom of the primordial forces of nature. And during Ragnarök, they will present themselves on the edge of Vigrid, they will make this power resonate on that battlefield and make the gods pay for the murder of Ymir and the loss of their brothers, even if the world collapses in this gigantic clash!

In Mythic Battles Ragnarök, the Frost Giant is a monster with a new power called Horde. Intended to reproduce the continuous charges of innumerable forces, this power, similar to troop recall, allows the giants to reappear on the board in their deployment zones. Children of the cold, they are also able to inflict the effects of Polar terrain on any of their opponents. Fear their weapons! Fear their breath! Fear their numbers! Ymir’s agony still echoes in their howls of rage and conquest!

MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Fury 1 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Fury 2 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Fury 3 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Fury 4 MG Monolith Mythic Ragnarök Fury 5

Few warriors inspire more terror than the brave who, consumed by Odin’s fury, rush screaming at their opponent, clad in animal skins. Fanatical guards of the ruthless chieftains or brotherhood of marauders, Berserkers (bear-men) andUlfhednar (wolf-men) burn with a savage frenzy and laugh at their wounds. Empowered by the clash of their weapons and the tears of their enemies, their roars echo through the deepest forests of the endless field of glory and battle that has become Midgard.

In Mythic Battles: Ragnarök, these two new troops types introduce the „Berserk“, skill which offers the possibility to the unit which possesses it to perform two normal attacks during its activation (and nothing else), at the cost of ‚a loss of Vitality.

Performed under the influence of blind fury, these attacks cannot be modified by any bonus or penalty, nor affected by any talent or power. Send them ALL to Valhalla.

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Mythic Battles: Ragnarök Previews



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