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Mythic Battles: Ragnarök Previews

Monolith zeigen Previews ihr nächstes Projekts.

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Mythic Battles: Ragnarök Previews – Oathbreakers

Niflheim, the frozen world of Mists, is where the tortured souls roam. Those of assassins, traitors and cowards who did not know how to fall on the field of Honor. Far away in these desolate limbos over which Hel extends her kingdom, stands The Citadel of Nàstrond with walls are made of snakes and whose ditches are roamed by Oathbreakers in a march without end.
Oathbreakers with a deceitful tongue, those whose speech is worthless, those who deserve to suffer for centuries waiting for the day when hen the Dragon Nidhögg consents to offer oblivion by dissolving their flesh with its venom.
But when the gates of Nàstrond burst open on the day of Ragnarök, the hordes of Oathbreakers will surge, carried away by their eternities of suffering, drunk with hatred for the living, strong with all the evil these tormented souls are capable of.
In Mythic Battles: Ragnarök, Oathbreakers are countless. They arise in hordes at the heart of the fighting, like an inexhaustible source of affliction.
Although they never stand in the ranks of the most valiant, they know how to make use of their overwhelming numbers and benefit from the Harassment talent.
Do you hear the Snakes of Nàstrond hiss ? Its fortress walls begin to shudder, and from the bottom of its pits rises a dire howl as slaughter approaches, as the gates burst.
Artwork by Pascal Quidault. Sculpt byArnaud Boudoiron. Painting by Niko Deze/Little Demon Studio. Text by Nicolas Texier . Card Design by Benjamin Goupil.
Mythic Battles: Ragnarök, March 23 on Kickstarter

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