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Mortal Gods: Neuheiten

Bei Footsore Miniatures gibt es einige Neuheiten für Mortal Gods.

Footsore Perseus

Perseus – 5,50€

Truly a hero blessed by the gods. The enemies of Perseus ‚beware!‘

to match his statue, Perseus is 34mm foot to eye.

Footsore Herakles (Hercules)

Herakles (Hercules) – 5,50€

The strongest of Heroes: Herakles inspires other warriors and is a ‚monster hunter‘. As befits a legendary hero he stands head and shoulders above other men at 40mm tall foot to eye.

Herakles measures 44mm to the top of the head.

Footsore Orpheus

Orpheus – 5,50€

An excellentcompanion as well as a hero. Perhaps not your usual hero as he was famous for his musical ability rather than the use of the sword. His talent can literally stop his enemies in their tracks.

Orpheus measures 33mm foot to eye

Footsore Atlante

Atlante – 5,50€

A hero in her own right she also inspires those around her and gives deadly missile support to her allies

Atlante stands at an elegant but heroic 32mm foot to eye.

Footsore Greek Slingers

Greek Slingers – 9,50€

Greek slingers are a key component of any Greek force, fast-moving and fast-firing they will help keep the enemy on the ‚back foot.

Footsore Egyptian Marines 1 Footsore Egyptian Marines 2 Footsore Egyptian Marines 3

Egyptian Marines – 9,50€

An important asset for any Persian Commander – good infantry, The role amply fulfilled by the Egyptian Marines. Pack contains three complete Mortal Gods Miniature.

Footsore Persian Chariot 1 Footsore Persian Chariot 2 Footsore Persian Chariot 3 Footsore Persian Chariot 4 Footsore Persian Chariot 5 Footsore Persian Chariot 6 Footsore Persian Chariot 7 Footsore Persian Chariot 8

Persian Chariot – 16,50€

The Persians fielded a vast array of different chariots, this is one you wouldn’t want to be standing in the way of. Designed to smash through enemy infantry it was hard hitting but not very manoeuvrable. Used properly it is devastating.

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