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Monsterpocalypse: Neuheiten für November

Privateer Press haben Neuheiten für Monsterpocalypse angekündigt.

PiP Monsterpocalypse Neuheiten Für November 1

Zor-Voltis – Shadow Sun Syndicate Monster (resin) – $24.99

Zor-Voltis is a combat expert that has been enhanced with powerful electrical currents running all through his body. These can be used as a direct weapon, sending balls of lightning forward to smash into foes, often causing the power to arc to those nearby. The real power, however, is in his massively enhanced reaction speeds. His entire nervous system operates on an order of magnitude faster than other creatures. This, combined with his unparalleled martial prowess, allows him to anticipate and swiftly react to all manner of attacks directed at him.

PiP Monsterpocalypse Neuheiten Für November 2

Robo Kondo – Ubercorp International Monster (resin/metal) – $34.99

Robo Kondo is designed to be the crowning glory of Ubercorp. A massive and very much over-engineered machine in its own right, Robo Kondo is also accompanied by some of the most powerful robots in the company’s arsenal. Each time the massive automaton enters the battlefield, Ubercorp spares no expense, ensuring that the deployment will awe any potential investors who might be watching the carnage. To anyone with much sense, Ubercorp is only a company bloated by multiple countries’ massive contracts, often at the expense of any actually useful response to the monsters that plague Earth.

PiP Monsterpocalypse Neuheiten Für November 3

Toxxo, Squix, and Shinobot – Destroyers Alternate Elite Units (metal) – $24.99

As the destruction of the Monsterpocalypse mounts, leading to more and more industrial waste and gruesome battlefields across the planet, The Waste’s toxic nature just continues to amplify. The animated sludge of elite Toxxos is so corrosive, it can burn through metal, glass, and concrete alike.
The greatest eldritch horrors of the Cthul can often pervert the natural order of things with their vile magic. Sometimes a rare elite among their forces is granted a fraction of this ability. The elite Squix uses this tithe of power to disrupt small events around it, creating misfortunate cascades.
Designed for utter lethality, the Ubercorp’s latest creation is a perfect mechanical duplication of the valiant Shinobi of the Shadow Sun Syndicate. Unlike most of Ubercorp’s other designs, the Shinobot favors speed and precise motion, requiring powerful supercomputers only the company’s scientists can create.

PiP Monsterpocalypse Neuheiten Für November 4

S-Type Shinobi, Bellower, and Courser – Protectors Alternate Elite Units (resin/metal) – $24.99

The Shinobi of the Shadow Sun Syndicate are trained in a plethora of different martial disciplines, including instilling mental strength. Fighting monsters on a battlefield hand to hand requires a certain mental fortitude that few possess.
Among the rare elite spawnings of the bellowers are some that turn their already destructive booming roar into something much more deadly. When they unleash their blasts they blow past the sound barrier with such quick acceleration that the air in the immediate area super heats.
The hounds of the Draken Armada act as the eyes, ears, and noses of the Faction’s surveillance force; however, unlike some scouting units, the elite coursers can also act as a vanguard, ripping apart foes even before the main force arrives.

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  • Robo Kondo ist genial geworden!
    Die alternativ Minis für die Eliteeinheiten find ich auch genial. Ist auf’m Tisch ne schöne Abwechslung. Kein „must have“ aber auf jedenfall ein Hingucker.
    Zugegeben sind die Preise relativ gesalzen, aber das ist es mir wert.

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