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MiniatureLand: Patreon Preview

MiniatureLand teilen Previews ihres Patreon.

Hello everyone

Let’s start this month fast 🙂

first model of this month was ruined house ready  !

have a nice day/night

scaled for 25 mm miniatures.

Ruined House 1 Ruined House 2 Ruined House 3 Ruined House 4 Ruined House 5 Ruined House 6

This week’s result of the vote  Sunken ship finished.

Scaled to 25 mm miniatures.

have a nice day/night

Sunkenship Sunkenship2 Sunkenship3 Sunkenship4 Sunkenship5 Sunkenship6

One of this month’s standard model Ivory Tower finished.

Scaled for 25 mm miniatures (15 25 28 mm  fine too)

Ivorytower1 Ivorytower3 Ivorytower2

Hello everyone last week vote Medieval Abbey design ongoing

It is scaled to 32 mm 25mm 15mm  miniatures (first 32 mm scale model)

all parts can be printed 200×200 mm  area FDM printers.

Abbey10 Abbey9 Abbey8 Abbey1 Abbey2 Abbey3 Abbey4 Abbey5 Abbey6

Hello Everyone this month  Small structure  Coal Mine Entrance finished.

Scaled for 25 mm miniatures. 200×200 mm table enough to print.

Coal Mine 1 Coal Mine 2 Coal Mine 3 Coal Mine 4 Coal Mine 5 Coal Mine 6 Coal Mine 7 Coal Mine 8

One of the monthly standard model Medieval Butcher House finished and it will be in November release.

Butcher1 Butcher2 Butcher3 Butcher4 Butcher5 Butcher6 Butcher7 Butcher8

This month second big structure “  Modular graveyard “ finished.

Include 124 different STL files and all scaled 28 mm can be decreased scale down to 15 mm

15 grave  12 have ruined version too

1 wooden coffin 2 tombs all of them can be accessed.

4 decoration stones ( maybe increase in future)

7 different tombstones and   7 ruined versions.

6 different wall types and all walls have  ruined and destroyed versions too  total of 54 STL file

6 different gate doors and ruined versions too all of them can be opened. connection parts too.

Graveyard2 Graveyard1 Graves Decoration Gates Tombstones Walls 1 Walls 2

This month’s second big structure  “ Small Jungle Village “ finished and it will be on  November Release.

Scaled for 28 mm Miniatures and can be decreased down to 15 mm


6 house with interior

1 storage shack

1 small farm

1 small fireplace

1 big totem

4  different wall

All models can be printed without a slice on Ender 3 pro table size.

All models can be printed separately and it would help to create custom villages.

Village 1 Village 2 Village 3 Village 4

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