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Malifaux: Iconic boxes

Wyrd Games planen eine Serie an Figuren, welche ikonische Momente der Malifaux Geschichte zeigen.

Waldo’s Weekly – Legend Has It

Over the 15+ years, we here at Wyrd Games have created hundreds of miniatures and characters, each with their own stories that have helped shape the worlds of our games. To look back at these periods of time in our alternate history, we are celebrating by bringing some of those moments to life in epic fashion with the Iconic line of sculpts.

Each Iconic box includes a large-scale, high-quality model that showcases a pivotal moment in their story – in this timeline or the next.

To start, we are stepping through the Breach to witness a moment in Malifaux history.

Without further ado, here is a look at the first Iconic box, Scorch the Soul:

Wyrd Games Iconic Box Scorch The Soul 1

Scorch the Soul features Sonnia Criid in the Yellow Crypt after she has captured a sorcerer who has tapped into the magical aether emanating from the world of Malifaux. Turning their power inward, Sonnia sears their minds and turns them into something else entirely: a Witchling Thrall.

Wyrd Games Iconic Box Scorch The Soul 2

This Iconic box includes this incredible piece of art of Sonnia breaking an Arcanist mage down as a 75mm sculpt that will look fantastic painted up and showcased on your shelf. This model will come in unassembled hard PVC so that the fine details will be kept without the complexity of building a large model.

Wyrd Games Iconic Box Scorch The Soul 3

Some (but not all) Iconic boxes will also include a playable version of that character that is fully compatible with Malifaux Third Edition. Included in Scorch the Soul is a preassembled and Malifaux-scaled version of Sonnia that is ready to hit the table. An M3E stat card for the original Sonnia will also be included.

Let’s take a look at the difference in scale by comparing the two:

Wyrd Games Iconic Box Scorch The Soul 4

While most of the Iconic line will be coming out in 2022, Sonnia’s Scorch the Soul box will be reaching local game store shelves this December! You’ll be able to pick up this piece of Malifaux history for just $55!

Stay tuned, because we’ve got a video of the ever-talented Angel Giraldez painting up this Sonnia coming soon!

We’ve got a lot more of these Iconic boxes coming, so keep an eye out for future Waldo’s Weeklies!

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