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Malifaux: Bayou Starter Box

Wyrd Games teilen Infos zur Bayou Starter Box und dem Bayou Bash Brettspiel.

Hey Wyrdos,

Last week, we revealed the release window for our highly anticipated beat’em up racing game, Bayou Bash (for those who missed it – it’s June of this year! Really!).

As many of you might have noticed in last week’s announcement, Bayou Bash now has custom meeples to represent the racers in the game instead of miniatures, which we’ve shown off in the past at conventions.

At its heart, Bayou Bash is a light and chaotic racing game that takes about an hour to play. Players will bash their opponents (and their fans!) onto rocks, into pools of water, and off the track. Because of the physicality, speed, and lightheartedness of the game, we wanted to make sure that players of all types could enjoy the game without having to pay for the extra cost of miniatures.

But what if you really want those miniatures? Well, today, we have some exciting news!

The Malifaux Bayou Starter Box will come with the 4 characters from the Bayou Bash board game, and will be compatible with both Malifaux and Bayou Bash! In addition to the miniatures and stat cards, the Bayou Starter will also come with its own Bayou-themed Fate Deck and measuring widget.

Wyrd Games Malifaux Bayou Starter Box  2 Wyrd Games Malifaux Bayou Starter Box  3 Wyrd Games Malifaux Bayou Starter Box  4 Wyrd Games Malifaux Bayou Starter Box  5

Wyrd Games – Malifaux Bayou Starter Box

(For reference, the miniatures and meeples are both to scale to each other in each image)

Let’s take a look at Fluffernutter, the Rabbit, and how he and his jockey will play in both Malifaux and Bayou Bash.

Wyrd Games Malifaux Bayou Starter Box  1 Wyrd Games Malifaux Bayou Starter Box  13

And in Bayou Bash, the Rabbit will cause all sorts of havoc to those around him. He’ll make sure that even the most sure-footed of racers will stagger into unexpected places while bolting toward the finish line.

Bayou Bash the board game will be hitting store shelves in June, and the Malifaux Bayou Starter Box will be available in the following month.

We’ll have more news about Bayou Bash and the Malifaux Bayou Starter Box as we get closer to their releases!

Was ist „Bayou Bash“?….

This week, we’re too excited to even pay attention to Waldo. So while he’s off doing whatever it is that he does when we look the other way, we’d like to make a very special announcement:

Wyrd Games Bayou Bash Board Game Wyrd Games Bayou Bash Board Game3

Wyrd Games – Bayou Bash Board Game

It’s coming. No, really this time. Seriously.

The long-awaited beat-‘em-up racing game, Bayou Bash, will be releasing June 2021 for just $55.

Between now and its release, we’ll be covering how to play Bayou Bash, each racer and their many unique antics, and more.

Stay tuned!

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