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Maelstrom’s Edge: Alessi Novitiate

Maelstrom’s Edge bekommt ein neues Modell.

Followers of the Cult of Kariman rejoice! Announcing the arrival of the Alessi Novitiate, a new command option for the Karist Enclave!

ME Maelstrom's Edge Alessi Novitiate 1 ME Maelstrom's Edge Alessi Novitiate 2 ME Maelstrom's Edge Alessi Novitiate 3

Alessi Novitiate – $10.00

This plastic kit consists of one Alessi Novitiate sprue, and a 28mm base. Sculpted by Dave Whitaker

Alessi are usually amongst the first Karists to arrive on a new world, moving quietly amongst the populace for some time spreading their faith and gathering recruits. And when the time comes for battle, they are amongst the first to take up arms, leading their followers to glory and ascension.

The Alessi Novitiate is a Command unit for the Karist Enclave. You can find the rules for this unit in the Force Lists section here.

Assembly instructions for the Alessi Novitiate can be found in the Hobby section here.

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