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Macrocosm: Sci-Fi Dwarves High Command

Es gibt wieder Weltraumzwerge auf Kickstarter.

MC Macrocosm Sci Fi Dwarves High Command 1


We are back with our new project.

We are looking to fund the creation of these Soldiers sculpted by INSO!

Cast in a high quality white metal alloy these are supplied unpainted and require some assembly and bases.

MC Macrocosm Sci Fi Dwarves High Command 2 MC Macrocosm Sci Fi Dwarves High Command 3 MC Macrocosm Sci Fi Dwarves High Command 4 MC Macrocosm Sci Fi Dwarves High Command 5

  • High Command
  • Medics
  • Troopers
  • Heavy Weapons (Flamer and Auto Cannon)


So again we will try to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to pledges.

1. High Command Pledge £18
2. Trooper Pledge £18
3. Everything new Pledge £50*
*High Command, Troopers, Medics and Heavy Weapons.

Add Ons

  • Add additional sets for the following prices.
  • High Command £18 (three miniatures)
  • Trooper Squads £18 (5 Miniatures)
  • Medics £8 (2 miniatures)
  • Heavy Weapon Set £8 (2 miniatures)
  • The High Command will also be available individually £7 for each miniature.
  • The Irregulars! £30
  • 10 Beastmen troopers

MC Macrocosm Sci Fi Dwarves High Command 6

The Irregulars 10 Beastmen Troopers.

Postage has been added to the main pledge however if ordering add ons the postage may vary. We use Royal Mail to send our pledges and will need you to supply a paypal address so we can invoice for appropriate additional postage.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 20 Tage.

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