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LV427 Designs: Neuheiten

LV427 Designs haben neue Sets im Programm.

LV427 Designs Neuheiten 1

LV427 Designs – Neuheiten

Hey there,

This month, tell those marines to be careful and stay frosty, especially around our

Hive-Rail release. We don’t want them falling to their death. If you have not yet ventured

into the Hive, they are a lot of fun to paint and offer a more open concept for design

layouts and shootouts. As always, enjoy the print and happy gaming.

LV427 Designs Neuheiten 5


LV427 Designs Neuheiten 4


LV427 Designs Neuheiten 3


LV427 Designs Neuheiten 2


Continuing on, we have our 5th installment of our Alien AGDITC Battle report.  If you

missed the other battle reports, they can be found here.


This report includes a comic book style 3 page intro, a narrative turn by turn game play on just how

badly things went for us, house rules, and map setup followed by a list of terrain needed for your own game.

We hope that you enjoy the read and have fun playing an alternate game using our terrain system.

Any questions, ideas, feedback or just want to share some of our terrain pics, please get in touch.

Thanks, Mark and the Gang

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  • Was soll das denn darstellen? Sicherheitsgeländer, damit keiner über die seltsamen Strukturen stolpert? „Lot of fun to paint“, ja klar.

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