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Loot Studio: Sci-Fi Bundle

Loot Studio erweitern ihr Angebot: ab jetzt gibt es ein Sci-Fi Subscription Modell.

Hey, humanoid!

We have just released our new Sci-Fi subscription!

The first bundle is called S.O.S. – Savage Outbreak in Space!“ and it has 28 awesome miniatures.

Loot Studio SF Bundle 2

Loot Studio: Sci-Fi Bundle (ca. 18,00 USD / Monat)

We are also giving some bonus:

  • Busts
  • Welcome Pack
  • Meest 21, that will be available only for those who support this new product on this first month (available until October 15th)
  • Loyalty Rewards System

Loot Studio SF Bundle 3 Loot Studio SF Bundle 4Loot SF 1 Loot SF 2 Loot SF 3 Loot SF 4 Loot SF 5 Loot SF 6

Loyalty Reward

We are also having a Loyalty Reward System for Sci-Fi!!

This is the first Loyalty we will release with 3 months of subscription. If you subscribe today and stay subscribed for 3 months, you will receive this awesome Mecha in December 🙂

Check out the concept art for the first reward:

Loot Studio SF Bundle 5

To celebrate this new subscription, we are giving away this insane miniature for everyone who subscribes in the first month (ends on October 15th)
Loot Studio SF Bundle 1

Do not waste time! Subscribe today and receive all that awesomeness instantly!


Link: Loot Studio

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