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Loot Studios: Dezember Fantasy Bundle

Loot Studios zeigen den Inhalt ihres Fantasy Bundles für den Monat Dezember.

Loot Fantasy Dez1 Loot Fantasy Dez2 Loot Fantasy Dez3 Loot Fantasy Dez4 Loot Fantasy Dez5 Loot Fantasy Dez6

Hey you, how’s everything?

We, at Loot Studios, would like to invite you to the live presentation on the new Fantasy bundle, called Panshaw Under Siege, happening NOW

The live stream will be held through our channel on YouTube and the host is our community manager, Tiago.

Also, our Art Director, Álvaro Ribeiro will sculpt in real time, while our amazing painter, Márcia, will paint the bundle objects right on the spot!

Now you will finally get to see the TWO dragons and the TWO knights we created for this bundle… amazing, huh?

We look forward to seeing you there!


Quelle: Loot Studio

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