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Limbo Miniatures: Eternal War 1.5

Limbo Miniatures teilen auf Facebook Info zum Eternal War 1.5 Kickstarter.

Limbo EW 15 KS 2

Limbo: Eternal War 1.5 is coming on KickstarterJuly 27th

While the world has known of Necromancers for generations the actual art itself had been observed for hundreds of years. Vahlrose was raised in a cult and taught the dark magics. As she continued to practice she learned that her affinity with death was strong. As members of the cult passed she was called to turn them into an Ossylite and have them serve in guard positions around the camps.

Vahlrose was once discovered by Henril but even her beauty blinded him momentarily and she was able to evade capture. The two have had a strange relationship ever since with Henril drawn to her. And Vahlrose slowly being drawn to him.

Limbo EW 15 KS 3 Limbo EW 15 KS 4 Limbo EW 15 KS 5

Since the fall of Swader the rumors have spread like wildfire. The 7 Deadly Sins are real. What was once a fairy tale of monstrous beast was now reality. Legends spoke of the 7 beast that served as the Lords of the Demons, each representing an aspect of human desires.
Rose Knights and the Tiger army could not contain the information of what they witnessed on the battlefield. An imposing demon that had wings that blocked out the light when you were in its presence. Wielding a large axe and slaying all in its path. The monster would haunt their dreams. Drive others mad with fear.
Even the mightiest that had faced the monster had fallen victim to its might. As the Kingdom of Alsan prepared for the invasion from Swader they would look into the distance hoping to never see the beast appear.
Limbo EW 15 KS 6
Sentenced to join the army for a crime of passion, Rodrigo learned quickly that being a noble would mean nothing there. The bruises from his daily beatings would soon come to turn his heart hard and cold. But he continued to have hope. Deep down he knew that there was still some good in the world. Often in the army he would see the Captains. See their morals and yearn to be like them. Even though he would face adversity every day he continued to try and reach their level.
With his criminal status he would be sent on suicide missions, but not only would he survive but his unit began to find a leader in him. His choices would always lead to the best outcome. His men were willing to die for him, but Rodrigo cared too much for them to die a meaningless death. His triumphs soon outshone his crimes. After many years he found himself on the frontlines against the demons.
He now charges on the frontlines on his mighty steed, defending humanity against evil. He has found his redemption and with his redemption he was granted the title he sought.
Limbo EW 15 KS 7
In the far west lies the land of Aslan, home of the famous Tiger Knights. These noble knights are well known for both their fearlessness and relentlessness in the face of their foes. Alongside the Rose Knights, the Tiger Knights form the backbone of the greatest human army throughout the lands. Greatest among the Tiger Knights is the one known as the Royal Tiger. A title passed from leader to leader, the Royal Tigers are often elected to office due to a combination of combat prowess, impeccable leadership, and unbreakable resolve. It is they who are first to charge into combat, and they who are last to retreat. No matter what the enemy conjures, the Royal Tiger will face it head on.
Godfrey is the latest in this „royal“ line. From when Godfrey was young, it was well known that he would someday become a legendary warrior. However, rather than basing this on any particular affinity Godfrey had with the sword, it was his huge size that many speculated would lead him to a position of power. The boy, supposedly blessed with the body of a giant, was already larger than most of the soldiers at the tender age of 10.
As an adult, however, Godfrey is a sight to behold. Towering above his fellow soldiers, as well as many of the lowly demons, his imposing presence on the battlefield is matched only by his legendary prowess as a commander. Many suspect that, along with the priestess Yakun, Godfrey will be the harbinger of a new age of peace, driving back the demons to whence they came.
Limbo EW 15 KS 1

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    • Jo. Figuren im coolen Design. Qualität war okayisch Brettspiel PVC.
      Regalsystem an sich spannend, aber das Regelbuch war nicht durchdacht. Viele Regellücken, das Buch hat vieles nicht erklärt und teils mit falschen Verweisen. Es gab zwar diverse FAQs und Errata nachgereicht. Geärgert hab ich mich nicht, aber für den Handel wäre das nicht gut gewesen

  • Bin mit den Minis sehr zufrieden, das Spiel könnte mich schon im KS nicht so überzeugen. Da der Preis aber verlockend war hatte ich zugegriffen. Komisch war nur / ist nur? das Konzept- plötzlich tauchte zB ein Panda als Krieger auf.

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