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Knight Models: Batman Preview

Knight Models zeigt ein Preview aus dem Batman Universum.

Knight Models Escape From Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy

Knight Models Escape from Arkham Asylum – Poison Ivy

Today we show one of the most powerful Super Villains of Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum……. Poison Ivy!
Poison Ivy was sentenced to Arkham Asylum several times. In those moments, staying in Arkham’s dark cells, Poison Ivy was wilting. The only option she had to continue with her goal of turning Gotham City into an ecological city was leaving this polluted Asylum.
To do this, she will use all of her toxic abilities to fight her enemies who want to keep her there, leaving the nature of Gotham City abandoned to its own fate.
The powers of Poison Ivy, together with her plants‘, will make her a powerful ally. Her particular fight will cause more than one problem in Arkham asylum.
What do you think? she will be your first choice to try to escape from Arkham Asylum

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