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Kings of War: Mehr Halblinge

Mantic Games haben die November-Neuheiten für die Halblinge vorgestellt.

MG Halfling General On Winged Aralez 1 MG Halfling Troll Gunners MG Halfling Poachers Battlegroup

MG Halfling Stalwarts Battlegroup MG Halfling Aeronauts MG Halfling Harvester

  • Halfling General on Winged Aralez
  • Halfling Troll Gunners
  • Halfling Poachers Battlegroup
  • Halfling Stalwarts Battlegroup
  • Halfling Aeronauts
  • Halfling Harvester

Außerdem ist die Megastreitmacht jetzt erhältlich:

MG Halfling Mega Army

Halfling Mega Army – 140.00

Material: Plastic, PVC, Resin

While the halflings do love the pleasures of life, they are willing to go to great lengths to protect those things from anyone they think might be trying to take them away. They will defend their own with a savagery and viciousness that have taken many by surprise – and to their fatal cost. They can be kind, gentle and generous, but equally cold, pragmatic, and utterly ruthless. Their trained bands of infantry are supported by packs of aralez-riding cavalry, while their engineering knowhow is on full display when the great Iron Beasts are unleashed into the enemy ranks.

Download the halfling beta list here. The official list will be updated and released in the Clash of Kings 2022 Supplement (available November 8th).



  • 60x Plastic Halfling Infantry
  • 30x Plastic Halfling Cavalry
  • 1x PVC Sauceror
  • 1x PVC Greedyguts
  • 1x PVC Feastmaster
  • 1x PVC Halfing Iron Beast
  • 1x Resin Halfing Engineer
  • 61x 20mm Square Base
  • 30x MDF Cavalry Base

Quelle: Mantic Games


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