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Infinity: März Neuheiten

Corvus Belli zeigt die Infinity Neuheiten für März.

Cassandra Kusanagi Spitfire 4 Cassandra Kusanagi Spitfire 3 Cassandra Kusanagi Spitfire 1 Cassandra Kusanagi Spitfire 2

Cassandra Kusanagi (Spitfire) – 12,25 EUR

Among the Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife, Cassandra Kusanagi has the status of a veritable celebrity. A dangerous badass with the confirmed kills to prove it, she was heralded as the hero of Bakunin after the Violent Intermission. Kusanagi was able to detect the infiltration of ALEPH’s commandos early and reacted accordingly by coordinating the Observance’s forces from the ground. Her efforts made it possible to frustrate the offensive.

This blister includes a Cassandra Kusanagi miniature. Armed with a Spitfire and thanks to her Mimetism (-6) she will be a formidable opponent and the best way to complete your Fireteam of Reverend Moiras.

Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta 5 Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta 4 Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta 3 Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta 2 Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta 1

Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta – 37,95 EUR

This box includes 3 miniatures for Yu Jing: 1 Yān Huǒ with Missile Launchers, 1 Zuyong with MULTI Rifle and 1 Tiger Soldiers Hacker. With this box you can expand your options when creating an Army List and continue the Yu Jing collection you started with Operation: Kaldstrøm

Panoceania Booster Pack Beta 5 Panoceania Booster Pack Beta 4 Panoceania Booster Pack Beta 3 Panoceania Booster Pack Beta 2 Panoceania Booster Pack Beta 1

PanOceania Booster Pack Beta – 33,95 EUR

This box includes 3 miniatures for PanOceania: 1 Kamau Hacker, 1 Aquila Guard with HMG and 1 Nisse with MULTI Sniper Rifle. With this box you can expand your options when creating an Army List and continue the PanOceania collection you started with Operation: Kaldstrøm

Nyoka Assault Troops 6 Nyoka Assault Troops 5 Nyoka Assault Troops 3 Nyoka Assault Troops 4 Nyoka Assault Troops 2 Nyoka Assault Troops 1

Nyoka Assault Troops – 39,95 EUR

These soldiers have survived the hell on earth that was the Vifaru Wars and, after going through that horror they were partly to blame for, there is little that they haven’t seen already. Thus, the Nyoka troops have become the “worst situation unit.” They are Starmada’s elusive and deadly snakes, who will welcome and survive any mission assigned to them, such as supporting the Bronzes in their mutiny suppression operations.

This box includes 4 miniatures: 1 Nyoka with MULTI Rifle, 1 Nyoka with Heavy Rocket Launcher, 1 Nyoka Parachutist with Red Fury and 1 Bronze with Red Fury. Create a Fireteam with this box and complete your Starmada Action Pack

Monstruckers Boarding Shotgun 4 Monstruckers Boarding Shotgun 3 Monstruckers Boarding Shotgun 2 Monstruckers Boarding Shotgun 1

Monstruckers (Boarding Shotgun) – 12,95 EUR

The Monstrucks, the colossal road trains that travel along the Sahm Highway, are fully automated vehicles. An autopilot and a cruise control system guarantee the best efficiency and security on one of the straightest roads in the Human Sphere. However, the territory that this highway crosses, the desert of Taba, is a hell of sand and rock where any emergency could ruin these gigantic trucks and their valuable cargo. That’s why the Monstruckers are necessary, to solve emergencies.

This blister includes a Monstrucker with Boarding Shotgun. Thanks to the Climbing Plus Special Skill, no obstacle can stop this Engineer. This mercenary Trooper will be a great addition to your army list.

Kaldstrom Scenery Expansion Pack 3 Kaldstrom Scenery Expansion Pack 2 Kaldstrom Scenery Expansion Pack 1

Kaldstrom Scenery Expansion Pack – 29,95 EUR

With this expansion pack you can complement and expand the scenery from your Operation: Kaldstrøm box or your Kaldstrom Colonial Settlement Scenery Pack.

This double sided 3mm printed cardboard Scenery Pack includes an Objective room, two small buildings, a sniper tower, a console, two bridges, two staircases, an inner ladder, an inner walkway, and a 24×32 inches paper gaming mat.

Box contains:

  • 1x Objective room
  • 2x small buildings
  • 1x sniper tower
  • 1x console
  • 2x bridges
  • 2x staircases
  • 1x inner ladder
  • 1x inner walkway
  • 24×32 inches paper gaming mat.


Infinity ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy-In erhältlich.

Community-Link: O-12.de

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  • Meine Einkaufsliste bei CB wird immer länger, aber ich werde hart bleiben.
    Erst malen bevor ich was neues besorge!

    • So viel schönes Zeug!
      „ Erst malen bevor ich was neues besorge!“ – verstehe ich nicht, Google translator konnte mir auch keine Übersetzung dafür geben, auch meine Partnerin spricht manchmal in dieser fremden Sprache.

  • Das sind die Neuheiten von letzten Monat, CB hat ja (fast) immer 2 Monate Vorlaufzeit. Aber hier zu sehen waren sie noch nicht.

    Die von diesem sind MO, dazu gibt es nächste Woche ne Themenwoche.
    Das Neue Action Pack und die Einzelfiguren wurden schon geleakt.

      • @Webgeist Wir sprechen von den angekündigten Military Order Armeeboxen. die Boxen oben sind alles Repacks. Das meiste davon war in der Operation Icestorm Box drin, die Kamau Hackerin gabs bis vor Kurzen noch einzeln.
        Wenn die MO Boxen wirklich komplett neue Modelle sind werde ich wohl schwach.

    • Die Neuheiten des letzten Monats waren andere. Die kamen auch gerade erst raus.

      Das hier gezeigte wurde letzten Monat aber schon angepriesen (Auch hier auf dem BK). Jetzt wurden sie nochmal angekündigt und Ende des Monats werden sie dann im Shop angeboten.

  • Kusanagi gefällt mir sehr; könnte nach langer Zeit mal wieder sein, dass ich mir eine Infity Figur gönne 🙂

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