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Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid Kickstarter

Corvus Belli sind mit ihrem neusten Brettspiel auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid

Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid is a 2-to-4-player battle game with miniatures based on the Infinity Universe.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 1

Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raidis a 2-to-4-player game with miniatures that recreates skirmishes and multiplayer combat in the InfinityUniverse, a science-fiction, high-tech universe that portrays an exciting, action-packed near-future setting with manga aesthetics.

Each player represents one of the MiningCorporations that has managed to obtain a concession of exploitation in Khurland, south of Ariadnan territory.

The goal of these Corporations is to obtain as much Neomaterialas possible, whether it is Teseum or the prized T-Bezoar, and they will stop at nothing to get it.

These mining operations are no easy task and not just because of Khurland’s hostile environment or the possibility of bumping into a MegaBeast, the greatest danger lies in the Corporations’ own greed that players will face in lethal combats and raids.

Welcome to Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid!

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 20

Tactical Armored Gear, commonly known as TAGs, are single-manned armored weapon platforms that have a broader range of maneuverability and mobility than the human body. They are smaller than light armored vehicles designed for infantry support, and almost as fast-moving.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 21

Deep in the inhospitable and unexplored southern territory of the Ariadnan continent lies Khurland. It is here where mining companies use modified TAGs for prospecting tasks in the search for precious Teseum. However, they are still TAGs, and they will always be ready to fight. Be it with another TAG that crosses their path or a dangerous Megabeast that wanders into their territory.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 22


“Designed for those who believe that size does matter.”

The ground rumbles as the CaveCrawler moves along, but do not let its archaic look and design fool you. This walking tank lives up to its name while being much more agile than you might think.

*Included in the Core box*

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 23


„Power and style combined into the dream of any anime fan“

Developed from a military prototype, the Tāfāng (“Landslide”) is an industrial TAG that does not mask its military origins and whose responsiveness is on a par with elite competition models.

*Included in the Core box*

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 24


“A sturdy, bulky design to tackle the toughest of tasks.”

The Rockeater is a great example of the Nomad business philosophy: it is robust, and its weight-bearing capacity and power enable it to beat the crap out of any other industrial TAG it comes across.

*Included in the Core box*

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 25


“As sleek as it is powerful, thanks to the best tech on the market.”

The most advanced TAG to be found in Khurland, the StoneBreaker is an empty machine driven by a ghost. Since it is remotely operated, its pilot is never in any danger, no matter how risky the task.

*Included in the Core box*

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 26


„The right tool for the right task“

The Vurgok can adapt to any environment thanks to its modular systems that allow it to operate underwater, in the vacuum of space, in toxic atmospheres, and so on. Thanks to its powerful arms, it can lift heavy weights, as well as exert great force whenever it needs to demolish some building or obstacle standing in its way.

*Included in the Search & Capture expansion*

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 27

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 28

Neomaterial extraction in Khurland is no easy task. Collecting the most Teseum, surviving the raging MegaBeasts, or simply finding the perfect tactical rock are missions that no one person can do on their own.

That’s why in Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid, TAG pilots won’t be alone. Each Mining Corporation will have full control of a Prospecting Crew.

This team of workers will be made up of one TAG and up to two other Miners from the Corporation like the Prospectors and the Remotes.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 29 1 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 29 2

Prospector miniatures

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 30

Remote miniatures

Do you want to know more about the Prospecting Crew? We recommend you this blog post.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 31

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 32

MegaBeasts are massive creatures native to this area whose evolution has been affected by the electromagnetic charges that saturate their environment.

Their extremely aggressive behavior and their large size make them a deadly threat to prospectors.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 33


The scouts of the Naval Exploration Corps gave the ‘Stoorworm’ name to the colossal subterranean serpent that moves underground as it were moving through water, shaking the ground as it passes and emerging from wherever you least expect it to devour you with its gigantic jaws.

The Stoorworm is included in the Core Box.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 34


Steindrage, the stone dragon, a challenge to evolution that only a land such as Khurland could give birth to. No matter what weapon you use nor how rapidly you fire it, all your shots will ricochet off the scales of this titanic reptile, and then you’ll have to face its terrible wrath. A clue: you won’t survive.

The Steindrage miniature is included in its own expansion. Cards and missions are included in the Core Box.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 35


Brought to the planet Dawn from Ugarat, the Morat’s home planet, as part of their invasion strategy, the enormous Gurlanak is an authentic titan of nature, a highly dangerous beast with no rivals other than its own counterparts.

The Gurlanak is included in the Search & Capture expansion. 

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 36

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 37 1 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 37 2

We are a widely recognized company in the world of Wargaming, and after 20 years of putting all our love and effort in them, we can say we make the best metal miniatures in the market.

For Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid, all the TAGs and Megabeasts in the game are High-Quality PVC plastic, similar to the Megalodron from Infinity Defiance, our previous Kickstarter.

Miniatures like the Prospectors and Remotes will be produced at our headquarters in Spain, in the market’s highest quality white metal, the same as our primary brand, Infinity The Game.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 38

In a barren frontier territory, men and women clad in colossal powered armor battle each other for the riches of Dawn, an inhospitable planet where only the toughest survive.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 39

Working for unscrupulous mining corporations that only care about profit, these armored prospectors are out to kill anyone who stands between them and their prize. But Dawn is an unforgiving planet, and it won’t surrender its treasures easily. This corner of the Infinity Universe harbors threats more terrifying than the worst corporations: dreadful MegaBeasts, massive monstrous creatures that know no foes or predators larger or more dangerous than themselves.

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 40

It may be that these armored machines, these TAGs the miners are equipped with, aren’t enough and that the price to be paid for the precious mineral called Teseum is too high. However, while no one wants to be devoured by a nightmarish monster, these TAG pilots are no ordinary people. They feel the pull of their greed, and they seek an adrenaline rush and the thrill of violence. These men and women relish the frenzy of combat and the euphoria after victory, regardless of the risks and consequences. They always push to the limit! And, what about you? Are you like them? If so, grab your TAG and jump into battle!


Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 2 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 3

Inhalt der Core Box:

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 4 1 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 4 2 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 4 3 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 4 4 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 4 5 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 5 1 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 5 2 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 5 3 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 5 4

Inhalte weiterer Boxen:

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 6 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 7 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 8 1 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 8 2 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 8 3 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 8 4

Stretch Goals:

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 9 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 10 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 11 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 12 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 13 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 14 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 15 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 16 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 17 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 18


Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 19 1 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 19 2 Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 19 3


Freight costs are not collected in the campaign but added at the end via the pledge manager.

In this campaign there will only be one shipment, (in contrast with Infinity Defiance where there were 2 different waves), so you will not have to choose between single or split shipments.

These are some of the expenses estimated by region. Bear in mind that we do not yet know exactly how much the different unlockable components will weigh and the size of the packaging. The metal’s weight is not a determining element and will not increase the shipping costs.

The prices take into account one request from a customer purchasing one unit of either the Core or Platinum Pledge. Extra add-on units or extra copies of the Core or Platinum Pledges will increase the shipping costs:

Infinity Deathmatch TAG Raid 41

Denis von Diced hat sich auch schon Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid angeschaut:

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 10 Tage.

Quelle: Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid


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