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Icarus Miniatures: wieder erhältlich

Icarus Miniatures sind zurück – die gesamte 2019 vom Markt genommene Sci-Fi Serie ist nunmehr digital verfügbar im STL Format.

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Icarus Miniatures – Digital 

  • pro Mini 4,99 USD
  • Faction Bundle (eine Fraktion inkl. aller Minis und Upgrades) 34,00 USD

Icarus Miniatures are available for sale again!

Greetings folks, Anto here with an update that a lot of you have been waiting for.

As you know, around this time in 2019 I stopped production and sale of our miniatures for a variety of reasons.

A big part of the reason for that was managing the physical sale of models.

Since then I’ve wanted to bring the miniatures from this Kickstarter back in some way, and many of you suggested selling the STL files, which I was completely on board with.

I had a lot of grand plans for injecting new life into the miniatures and making things „perfect“ for a relaunch.

But perfect is the enemy of finished and waiting until the „right“ time just meant putting off the release of the miniatures time and time again.

So I decided the best way forward was to just get the models on sale, and look to those plans once there have been some sales made. Which brings us to today’s announcement.

Where Can You Get Them?

The Icarus Games line of miniatures are now available to purchase as digital STL files to 3D print on your home printer from MyMiniFactory!

At the moment, it’s just the raw STL files that are available, meaning you’ll need to add your own supports.

That’s part of the „perfect is the enemy of finished“ thing. I had wanted to have all the models pre-supported and ready for a one-click print experience, but the tie and money to make that happen didn’t make sense yet.

What I am going to do instead is prioritize the best selling models for pre-generated supports as and when they receive enough sales.

I hope you enjoy them!

Much love



Are physical versions of the models available?

No, the models are available exclusively as digital STL files that you can 3D print on a home 3D printer. I use the Elegoo Mars, which is very affordable for a resin printer.

Are there any new miniatures planned?

If the existing models sell well, I will begin commissioning new miniatures, likely using micro-kickstarters to fund the initial development costs.

What is the Status of the Icarus Project Game?

Presently the game is on indefinite hiatus. Other areas of the business just demand too much time and bring in more money to justify working on the game at the moment. But that may change in the future.


Quelle: Icarus Miniatures @ MyMiniFactory

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  • Hi.

    die sculpts sind ja teilweise gut..aber irgendwie erinnert die Bundles an die GW One Click Bundles….man spart ganze 93 cent wenn man das bundle kauft.Dazu finde ich den Preise pro Mini doch etwas teuer(besonders da die Minis auch nicht supported sind was immer mehr zum Standard wird).

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