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Heroes of Infinite: Januar Preview

Im Januar ziehen die Heroes of Infinite gen Osten.

When you subscribe this January, you get access to this stunning release featuring 50+ gorgeous original sculpts, including a massive Centerpiece and scenery elements to 3D Print. Don’t miss out !!!! After January 31st, you will only be able to get this release but at a much higher price. Be quick and subscribe now to snatch this awesome release and every upcoming monthly releases, each better than the last one: https://www.HeroesInfinite.com

By subscribing directly on https://www.HeroesInfinite.com you will get additional benefits such as a Limited Edition or alternate version (s) of some models, like the ones presented in the video! Plus you’ll get many other exclusive perks as a HeroesInfinite.com subscriber (exclusive items on your Welcome Box, online repository for your STL files …)!

Here’s what you get for the January 2022’s release on our Heroes Infinite website and Patreon: EMPIRES OF THE EASTERN SUNS – Access to a full set of amazing powerful characters ready for 3D printing: FULLY SUPPORTED STL FILES; all miniatures come with decorated bases; 2 tiers (Leader and Overlord) starting at $10 if you join https://www.HeroesInfinite.com or Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/HeroesInfinite) this January 2022 !!!

Quelle: Raging Heroes auf Youtube


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