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Hasslefree: Weitere Neuheiten

Von Hasslefree kommen wieder neue Modelle.

HF Hasslefree Neuheiten 1

The youngest daughter of a noble, but ancient, family, Mia is seen here in full court regalia including the super high collar that is popular in the Eastern courts. She also has a goblet of … red wine?

Metal here – tinyurl.com/3j2see4h

Resin Master here – tinyurl.com/22zbmpd7

HF Hasslefree Neuheiten 2 HF Hasslefree Neuheiten 3 HF Hasslefree Neuheiten 4

Mera is a female of the Court. Dressed demurely, as is the fashion.

Mera however, come with 3 heads and 3 right hands. There is the demure head and handkerchief hand. The rebel head and ‚vic‘ hand, and demanding head and halt hand.
All of them are included so whichever you use you’ll have some excellent ‚bitz‘ for your box!
Metal here – tinyurl.com/4sz2e6f4
Resin Master here – tinyurl.com/3zvt55xj
So I ballsed up the second one here, she’s not supposed to be looking so far up. The necks are all flat and can be cut (if resin) or filed (if metal) to be angled the way you want, and I left a bit of sprue on the middle head and didn’t notice until after photograph. So she’s tossing the vic to a passing dwarf blimp or something. This one was super annoying to photograph and edit so I’m leaving it and be damned!

HF Hasslefree Neuheiten 5

Freyzi is an Incubi Prince, a past consort of Semira Marise and lord of the Incubi of Sthorana, Seen here in his native form, including ‚additions‘, and armed with a darksteel demonic sword. 41mm to top of horns.

Metal here – tinyurl.com/47exehz

Resin Master here – tinyurl.com/t372usev

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  • Beim Incubus dachte ich zuerst, dass ich ihn schon mal auf der HF-Seite gesehen hätte. Hab ihn aber nur mit dem Cambion verwechselt. Der neue Schlacker-Hans gefällt mir aber um Längen besser!

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