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GW: Wochenvorschau und Vampirin

Kommenden Samstag kommt der große Schwung an weiteren Neuheiten für die Lumineth Realm-lords, der nächste Band der Broken Realms Reihe, eine neue Space Marine Primaris Action Figur und eine neue Vampirin wurde enthüllt.

Sunday Preview – The Call of the Wind

Let’s kick things off in the Mortal Realms, as Teclis is about to lay down some serious divine intervention in his very own Broken Realms book.

Broken Realms: Teclis

The second book in the Broken Realms series sees the Archmage Teclis, one of the twin gods of Hysh, taking matters into his own hands to undo the damage wrought by Nagash’s Necroquake. The seismic events in the narrative lead to an inevitable (and long-awaited) showdown between the two mightiest magic-wielders of the world-that-was, both of whom have transcended to godhood and are more powerful than ever. To say that you should expect pyrotechnics doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 1

Not only is the next chapter in the Broken Realms saga a thrilling read, but as with the first book, Morathi, it includes loads of rules that let you bring the events of the narrative to life on the battlefield. Within its pages are six battleplans, as well as a host of datasheets for the new Hurakan units for the Lumineth Realm-lords, warscroll battalions from a number of the warring factions, allegiance abilities, and more. In fact, if you already have the current edition of Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords, Broken Realms: Teclis includes everything you need to bring their rules right up to date and in-line with the new battletome.

Broken Realms: Teclis will be available to pre-order from next weekend as an epub, hardback, or as one of 700 copies of a deluxe limited edition.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 2 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 3 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 4

Broken Realms Army Sets

Speaking of the warscroll battalions that feature in Broken Realms: Teclis, four new army sets are coming alongside the book. These sets – Invidian Plaguehost, Xintil War-magi, Mortevell’s Helcourt, and Horrek’s Dreadlance – include a selection of key units inspired by the book’s narrative, as well as saving you money compared to purchasing them individually.

The units in each box can be fielded together in battle using their matching warscroll battalion in Broken Realms: Teclis. These narrative-driven rules let you represent the actual combatants and offer them unique abilities that match the way they fight and the heroes that lead them.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 5 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 6 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 7 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 8

Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords

The new battletome brings you right up to speed with the ongoing narrative of the Lumineth Realm-lords and introduces the Hurakan, the Hyshian aelves who’ve become attuned to the spirits of the wind.

If you want to consolidate all there is to know about the Lumineth Realm-lords, both in terms of their lore and their rules (including their full suite of new warscrolls, allegiance abilities, warscroll battalions, and more), make sure you pre-order your copy from next weekend.

You can pick up Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords in hardback or epub formats, as well as a super-shiny (they are from Hysh, after all) limited edition of the book, also strictly limited to 700 copies.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 9 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 10 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 11

Now, brace yourself, as ALL of these amazing Lumineth Realm-lords units will be available to pre-order from next Saturday.

Lyrior Uthralle, Warden of Ymetrica

Lyrior Uthralle is known by many titles – Lord Regent Supreme, Voice of the Lord Phoenix, Warden of Ymetrica – for he is no typical lord of the Vanari. He’s the figurehead for all of the Tyrionic nations of Hysh, both speaking and acting with the authority of the twin god Tyrion.

If you seek a worthy commander for your armies on the battlefield, look no further than this consummate warrior and supernally gifted leader of the Lumineth. Armed with his Daemonbane lance, Lyrior Uthralle will sear through all who oppose you with effortless ease.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 12

Lyrior Uthralle may be a legendary hero of the Lumineth, but he’s not the only Lord Regent who leads the glittering ranks of the Lumineth into battle riding atop a lightcourser steed. The kit can alternatively be assembled as a Lord Regent of your own creation – perfect for tooling up with artefacts to suit your army’s preferred fighting style.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 13

Hurakan Windchargers

If it’s the fast cavalry you’re after, look no further than a unit or two of Hurakan Windchargers. Riding atop their Treerunner steeds, they sweep into the fray to deliver killing arrows with unerring accuracy. There are no finer mounted archers to be found anywhere in the Mortal Realms.

This set includes five Hurakan Windchargers – a perfect unit for harassing enemy flanks and picking off vulnerable targets.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 14

Vanari Bannerblade

Rally your Lumineth Realm-lords and inspire them to victory with a Vanari Bannerblade. These storied champions of the Vanari are tasked with holding aloft and defending enchanted Hyshian World Banners, their power so radiant that they can blind the unworthy should they dare to look upon them.

Not only will these impressive banner bearers serve as stunning centrepieces for a Lumineth Realm-lords collection, but they’re pretty handy in a fight, too. Your opponent will certainly have to think twice before trying to wrest the standard from the hands of a Vanari Bannerblade.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 15

Scinari Calligrave

These symbol-mages paint aetherquartz runes of enchanted light into the very fabric of the realms. A Calligrave blesses the ground to aid their allies and thwart their foes with rippling waves of magic that emanate from their glowing calligraphy.

These arcane specialists serve as excellent support Heroes, using their magic and enchantments from behind the front lines to help dictate the ebb and flow of the battle – not that they’re a slouch with a blade either should they get involved in the fighting.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 16

Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind

The wrathful manifestation of one of the greatest geomantic spirits of the wind, Sevireth is a terrible foe for any who would seek to corrupt the sacred purity Hysh. Sevireth can traverse the battlefield in the blink of an eye and cut down his victims from afar with Enathrai, his giant magical bow.

Sevireth is so swift that his presence alone ensures that you’ll present a threat anywhere on the battlefield. Between his lightning speed and the reach of his great bow, your opponent will have nowhere to hide.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 17

This kit can alternatively be assembled as one of the myriad other Hurakan Spirits of the Wind that fight alongside the Lumineth. Like Sevireth, their speed is beyond compare, and they wield a Bow of Wind’s Vengeance with which they can smite their quarry at will.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 18

Hurakan Windmage

The wisest of the Hurakan aelves are the Windmages. They’ve become so attuned to the winds of Hysh that they’re more at home sweeping across the skies than on foot, borne aloft by a roiling cloud of aelementor energy.

Being a kindred spirit to the winds certainly has its perks. Your Windmage can effortlessly relocate to wherever they’re needed and command the winds to lend aid to your units or buffet your foes.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 19

Vanari Starshard Ballistas

Is a towering Warstomper Mega-Gargant about to ruin your day? Maybe a pack of murderous Wrathmongers is set to blend its way through your lines. What you need is a Vanari Starshard.

This beautifully crafted ballista launches two long spears in perfect unison to skewer the enemies of the Lumineth. What’s more, the enchanted light bound into their tips bursts forth upon impact to dazzle anyone who was lucky enough to avoid being instantly turned into a kebab.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 20

Vanari Bladelords

They may hail from the Tyrionic nations, but Vanari Bladelords are learned scholars versed in the Teclian arts, as well as the way of the sword. On the battlefield, their mastery of both the physical and mental aspects of the martial arts makes them ideal guardians for the Scinari mages and mystics who instruct them.

These deadly swordmasters may be few, but they can cut their way through many times their own number. Vanari Bladelords adapt their fighting style to deliver flawless, executing blows or a whirlwind of rapid strikes in the blink of an eye. Whether you use them as close protection for your mages or to guard the flanks of your Auralan Warden phalanxes, this set of five Vanari Bladelords will serve you well.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 21

Scinari Loreseeker

The Loreseekers of the Scinari are warriors and mages both, their skill in both fields far exceeding even that of the Vanari Bladelords. Theirs is the solemn duty of discovering and cataloguing the lore of the Mortal Realms with which to enlighten their people, requiring them to travel far and wide – and often alone.

Unlike the more vulnerable mages of the Lumineth, a Loremaster needs no protection – they’re more than capable of defending themselves and even fight more effectively as independent operatives. As skilled fighters and spellcasters, Scinari Loremasters are valuable assets to any Lumienth Realm-lords army.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 22

Ellania and Ellathor, Eclipsian Warsages

Ellania and Ellathor are prodigal twins of the Lumineth who exemplify the Teclian and Tyrionic martial philosophies. Never parted, they’re fated to wander the Mortal Realms in search of enlightenment.

The twins are a devastating presence on the battlefield, able to lay low enemies beyond count with blade and magical barrage. Ellania and Ellathor can join any army from the forces of Order and make for a great addition to a number of factions.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 23

Shrine Luminor

Perched atop a realmstone-rich metalith that floats gracefully above the ground, a Shrine Luminor is both a safe haven from the corrupting influence of Chaos and a nexus of power from which the mages of the Lumineth can wield their Hyshian magic with even greater potency.

By garrisoning a Lumineth Hero from your army atop a Shrine Luminor, they can provide several augmentative abilities to those around them. Not only that, but they’ll look awesome on the tabletop while doing it.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 24

With all these stunning new kits, the Lumineth Realm-lords range more than doubles in size from next weekend. Pretty cool, huh?

Warscroll Cards: Lumineth Realm-lords

To help you keep track of the hugely expanded range of Lumineth Realm-lords, be sure to grab yourself a set of Warscroll Cards. This set includes cards for all 28 units and endless spells available to the Lumineth Realm-lords, as well as a handy sheet of push-out card tokens for tracking battlefields effects. Never leave Hysh without them.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 25

White Scars Primaris Intercessor Action Figure

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Call Of The Wind 26

You can pre-order Bandai’s White Scars Primaris Intercessor Action Figure next Saturday from Games-Workshop.com – for ONE WEEK ONLY – as well as the Bandai webstore. Whether you’re looking to add to your Bandai collection or a son of the Great Khan is the action figure you’ve been waiting for, make sure you secure yours.

Und im Rahmen des New Model Monday wurde dann noch ein neues Modell vorgestellt.

She Has an Endless Thirst for Blood, and for a Soulblight Vampire, That’s Saying Something!

…Bow before Lady Annika, the Thirsting Blade!

Games Workshop She Has An Endless Thirst For Blood, And For A Soulblight Vampire, That’s Saying Something! 1

Elegant? Check. Graceful? Check. Likely to tear out your throat in the blink of an eye and gorge upon your lifeblood? Definitely!

Though she may at first appear every bit the ostentatious noblewoman, her serene poise belies a bloodlust that’s quite unlike any other of her kind. In battle, she plunges headlong into the fray to slake her terrible thirst. The fell enchantments that lace the Blade Proboscian are able to drain its victims of their vital fluids in an instant, which only serves to further fuel its mistress’ bloodletting until all around her lie slain. The Thirsting Blade indeed!

Games Workshop She Has An Endless Thirst For Blood, And For A Soulblight Vampire, That’s Saying Something! 2

Lady Annika may be volatile and incredibly dangerous even for a Soulblight Vampire, but we’re sure you’ll agree that her miniature is absolutely stunning.

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasywelt und Taschengelddieb erhältlich.

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    • Mir gefällt die auch super.

      Hart überzeichnet und stilisiert. Absonderlich und schräg. Aber mit klarer Linie und Stil. Und nicht überkandidelt mit Barockschmock behängt.
      Der Rattenvampir-Mode-Zar ist da ähnlich.

      Insgesamt scheint da in der AoS-Designphilophie gerade was zu passieren.
      Ironischerweise fing das gefühlt mit den Hedonites an, dass „mehr von allem“ nicht mehr die Designnaxime war. XD

  • Bis auf den einen Vampir mit den Fledermäusen im Haar finde ich die neuen GW Blutsauger richtig gut. Ich werde die Zwar nicht für AoS nutzen, aber für generische Systeme oder als Alternativmodelle finden die sicherlich eine Verwendung.

    Und sie nennen sie sogar noch Vampire! Ich hätte sowas wie Blood-Gorger Vampyds erwartet…

    • 😁
      aber stimme zu, der vampir reboot ist mit wenigen ausnahmen klasse geworden und obwohl kein AOS spieler bin ich in versuchung. WQ:CC ist wahrscheinlich eh gebongt und das Underworlds: Dirchasm Vamire warband auch, mal sehen wie weit ich mit Boxen beim AOS kram gehe. Dumem frage mangels Regelkenntnis und generell nicht so im Fantasy: kann man die Vampire für Warcry nutzen oder falls noch nicht esteht die chance, dass sich das ändert? ein skirmisher wo ich auswahl an modellen habe ist mir lieber als eine volle armee aufzubauen, nur weil ich die modelle mag. Danke.

      • Da GW bisher für alle Fraktionen Wargry Regeln rausgebracht hat (auch für bisherige Untote) gehe ich stark davon aus, dass da auch was für die neuen Vampire kommen wird.

      • das wäre super, an Warcry schon länger interessiert, da wäre das eine willkommene ausrede 😁
        danke @Andrea

  • Wurde auch Zeit das endlich teclis kommt. Hab da schon sehnsüchtig drauf gewartet und Lumineth nehm ich auch gleich mit. Die Vampirdame find ich schick und ich bin mal gespannt wohin das noch führen wird, den die gravelords machen charakerlich einen starken Eindruck. Ob wir auch einen Van Brecht sehen?

  • Geht es nur mir so, dass diese Elfen-Schwertkämpfer den alten Alahan Kriegern aus der ersten Edition von confrontation verblüffend ähnlich sehen? Gefällt mir total gut. Da komme ich in Versuchung, mal wieder etwas von GW zu kaufen.

  • Der Aelf auf der Wolke errinnert mich total an Son Gocku haha, witzige Mini… Vamp gefällt mir sehr gut schön einfach und subtil, wird wie alles was mit den Vampiren zu tun hat gekauft…. bemale zur Zeit einen Zombiedragen freue mich schon auf den neuen stuff

  • Die Lumineth sind weiterhin bei mir extrem viel Licht und Schatten. Die neuen Schwertmeister finde ich richtig gut, aber bspw. die Känguruh-Kavallerie geht für mich gar nicht. Ist halt nicht meine Armee und es freut mich für alle, die die richtig gut finden. Und zumindest ich honoriere es, dass GW hier in AoS designtechnisch weiter komplett neue Wege geht.

    • Ja, was die Besitzverhältnisse angeht sind die ja auch eher eigen. 😀

      Die vierfüßigen Exemplare finde ich allerdings sehr hübsch und muss mal irgendwann rausfinden ob man den Schnöselelfen als Reiter einfach weglassen kann. 😀

    • Obwohl die Wnidcharger nach Känguruh ausschauen, hüpfen sie keineswegs, sondern rennen eher wie Strauße. Bedenkt man dies, wirken sie gleich viel sympatischer. 😉

    • Also mir gefallen die neuen Lumineth Realm-lords durch die Bank weg überhaupt nicht. Vom exorbitantem Preis mal ganz zu schweigen. Ich trauere den alten Hochelfen hinterher…:(

  • Die Vampirin ist wirklich mal eine sehr ungewöhnliche Figur von der Firma GW der letzten 15 Jahre.
    Sie wirkt für mich eher wie ein Artwork aus den alten Schwarz-Weiß Zeiten von GW in 3D umgesetzt….
    Da muß ich mal seit langer Zeit GW auch künstlerisch mal wieder loben. An der Figur werden sich viele Maler austoben werden…da bin ich gespannt was wir für tolle Kunstwerke sehen werden.
    Bemaltechnisch ist die mal gar nicht so leicht zu bemalen. Da sehe ich viele große glatten Flächen

    • Bin absolut gegen deine Meinung.
      Die Vampire sind überzeichnet, fügen sich damit aber sehr gut in den Stil von AoS ein.

      Wenn du das generell nicht magst dann ist das natürlich in Ordnung, da würde ich jedoch von AoS abraten.
      Eher Saga Fantasy oder gleich ein historisches System.

    • Gibt es dazu vielleicht auch Argumente warum? Wenn nein: dein neuer Kommentar ist Hardcore peinlich.

      Spiel am besten was anderes, wenn dich AOS so stresst. Ist sicher entspannter für dich. 😉

      Man muss nicht alles mögen, aber solche Kommentare sind wenig konstruktiv und zeugt eher von *Menno. Mag nicht. Alles doof*. Ich weiß, mein Kommentar ist inhaltlich ebenso am Thema vorbei, aber ich musste das mal loswerden! Sorry.

  • oh oh. dieses armyset für die Flesh-eater Courts enthält verdächtig ähnliche dinge wie die SC box. 20 ghouls statt 10, dafür 1 charactermodelle statt dem terrorgheist… die werden doch hoffentlich nicht die SC boxen ersetzen? wenn dem so ist und die preise ähnlich ausfallen wie die von wh40k, dann wäre das echt ganz schön krass finde ich… -_-

    die lumineth gefallen mir weiterhin überhaupt nicht. eigenständig? ja vielleicht… peinlich? ja, irgendwie definitiv. die vampirin ist nett, aber jetzt auch nichts, was ich haben muss

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