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GW: Wochenvorschau und Previews

Kommenden Samstag erscheint das nächste Buch im Broken Realms Zyklus für Warhammer Age of Sigmar, begleitet von zwei neuen Helden und dem mächtigen Dämonenprinzen Be’lakor, außerdem gibt es gleich zwei neue Modelle zu sehen, Lord Kroak und die Celestian Sacresant.

Sunday Preview – Rise of the First Prince

Shadows are falling across the realms of Warhammer, which can only mean one thing – Be’lakor has arrived to claim what is rightfully his.

That’s almost enough to distract you from your impending doom at the hands of the Dark Master. Almost, but not quite.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Broken Realms

Be’lakor, the Dark Master, the first of the Daemon Princes, and spurned champion of the Chaos Gods, is an otherworldly figure of incredible power. Ancient even when the world-that-was was whole, aeons of scheming and subtle preparation are about to bear fruit as Be’lakor makes a power play of realm-shaking proportions in a bid to replace his hated rival Archaon in the esteem of his divine masters.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Rise Of The First Prince 1

It’s not just the Mortal Realms that will feel the sting of his ambition, either, as the 41st Millennium also sees the First Prince step out of the shadows and start carving up some tanks with contemptuous ease. His stunning new model has options for both versions or neither, allowing you to take him onto whichever battlefield you so desire.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Rise Of The First Prince 2

Broken Realms: Be’lakor tells the story of his grand plan unleashed upon the realms of Order, following an unlikely alliance and the catastrophic after-effects of a mighty magical explosion. Not only will you be able to read all about Be’lakor at the moment of his greatest work, but also forces of the Seraphon, Stormcast Eternals, and Nighthaunt as they react to the Daemon Prince’s machinations.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Rise Of The First Prince 3

This book, the next narrative supplement in the ongoing Warhammer Age of Sigmar saga, will be available as both a regular hardback and a deluxe Limited Edition release, featuring gilt page edges, exclusive cover artwork, and more.

Alongside Be’lakor himself, two new Heroes will be taking part in the tumultuous events of the book, and their models are ready to take a place within your armies. Gardus Steel Soul leads the Hallowed Knights like a shining beacon of hope in the defence of Order, while the Krulghast Cruciator brings the most horrific implements of torture Nagash can concoct to bear upon the enemies of Death.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Rise Of The First Prince 4

Much like in Broken Realms: Morathi and Teclis, four warscroll battalion boxes are coming so you can recreate key forces from the story, complete with their own special rules. Atra’zan the Immolator leads a horde of pyromaniac Horrors against Tzeentch’s foes, while Starwarden Iq-to presses his Celestial Stampede into battle at the behest of his slann masters.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Rise Of The First Prince 5 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Rise Of The First Prince 6

Meanwhile, Lady Olynder and her personal guard, the Sorrowmourn Choir, are getting involved in mysterious circumstances to prey upon Sigmar’s faithful. Luckily, the duardin of Barak-Zilfin are on hand, led by Drongon Humboldsson and his Aether-runners to turn the tide when the night seems darkest.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Rise Of The First Prince 7 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Rise Of The First Prince 8

Lord Kroak Has Returned, and He’s Had an Epic Glow Up

Last week we showed you a pair of witch hunters who’ll be making an appearance in the Broken Realms saga. We’ve also seen some classic models getting a modern makeover, like Be’lakor. We’ve got some more news on a fan favourite for you – it’s Lord Kroak’s turn for an update.

If you’re not familiar, Lord Kroak is a legendary Starmaster who floats into battle on a mystical palanquin. His body is ancient and mummified, but his mind and spirit make him the most potent of all slann.

This magnificent model reflects Lord Kroak’s standing as one of the strongest Wizards in all the Mortal Realms.

Games Workshop Lord Kroak Has Returned, And He’s Had An Epic Glow Up 1

The events of the Broken Realms are so cataclysmic that they threaten the Great Plan of the slann, and Lord Kroak is roused from his contemplation to intervene directly.

Even after all this time, Kroak only seems to have grown in power. This is represented in your games with a new warscroll – but you’ll have to wait a little longer before we can tell you more than that.

Games Workshop Lord Kroak Has Returned, And He’s Had An Epic Glow Up 2 Games Workshop Lord Kroak Has Returned, And He’s Had An Epic Glow Up 3

There are lots of familiar design cues for fans of the classic model, like the ivory horns and trailing vines on his palanquin – and there are plenty of new details to take in as well. The broken rings surrounding the entire model allow it to appear to hover without a clear stand and to recall the crowning detail of the Realmshaper Engine at the same time.

This kit also gives us the option to leave his ornate metal head-dress off. You gotta admit, he’s looking pretty good for his age.

While we can’t spill the beans about his role in the epic saga of the Broken Realms quite yet, it’s fair to say you should grab Battletome: Seraphon and a Start Collecting! Seraphon set (don’t forget there’s another one just for Skinks) so Lord Kroak has an army to lead into battle when he descends soon.

Take the Fight to the Heretics With the Elite Melee Specialists of the Adepta Sororitas

That’s right, folks – the Battle Sister Bulletin is back! As with our very first series on the Adepta Sororitas, which built up to the launch of their hotly anticipated plastic range, we’ll be bringing you a new instalment every couple of weeks, complete with reveals of upcoming miniatures, artwork, rules, and more.

In this instalment, we’re introducing a new division of the Celestians – the fighting elite of the Orders Militant – known as Celestian Sacresants. Like their Celestian sisters, Sacresants traditionally act as bodyguards to the heads of their Order, but they’re also tasked with another holy duty – purging the impure and driving them from sites of sacred significance on the battlefield.

As a Celestian, each Sacresant is a highly skilled warrior, able to overcome many times her own number in battle. Sacresants wield a variety of blessed polearms and maces with which to smite the unclean, and bear large, ornate shields to ward off the blows of their enemies. Protected in both body and spirit, Celestian Sacresants are the wall against which waves of heretics will break.

So, now you know who they are, take a look at these fearsome new Battle Sisters!

Games Workshop Take The Fight To The Heretics With The Elite Melee Specialists Of The Adepta Sororitas 1

Imperious poses? Check.

Cool shields? Check.

Massive, heretic-smiting weapons? Check.


What’s more, the Adepta Sororitas finally has a heavily armoured close combat unit with some serious staying power. The Celestian Sacresants will certainly look great in your collection, as they really stand apart from the crowd.

Speaking of which, this awesome new unit is on its way soon, so if you want to make sure you already have an Adepta Sororitas collection to add them to, grab yourself a Battle Sisters Squad or two today.*

One last thing. Those of you who picked up the Piety and Pain boxed set may have noticed that the points and Power Rating for the Palatine were not in the rulebook you got. They are set to appear in a future publication, but until then we thought you might like to unleash this new Adepta Sororitas commander in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Games Workshop Take The Fight To The Heretics With The Elite Melee Specialists Of The Adepta Sororitas 2

At just 45 points, this pious heroine is quite a bargain and the perfect lieutenant for your Canoness when she’s got other duties to attend to (namely, crushing skulls in the Emperor’s name).

* Remember, of course, that you can build standard Celestian Squads with this kit, too, so it will work well even if you’re looking to build a more elite Adepta Sororitas army.

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  • Der neue Slann/Kroak gefällt mir richtig gut. Ich mag die dicken Kröten einfach 😀

    Bei der Hellebardenträgerin bin ich zwiegespalten. Optisch auf jedenfall ganz cool, nur weiß ich nicht ob ich das in mein starres Bild, dass ich von den Sororitas habe, einbauen kann. Für mich waren/sind sie halt immer nur die „Kurzstreckenarmee“.

  • Die gestrigen Previews von GW fand ich echt genial.

    Die defensiven Nahkampf-Sororitas gefallen mir als langjähriger, leidenschaftlicher Fan der Schwestern extrem gut. Für mich sind es sogar die besten Modelle der neuen Releasewelle. Davon werde ich mir sicher mehrere Boxen zulegen.

    Auch der neue Lord Kroak für die Echsen bzw. Seraphon ist sehr geil geworden. Ein tolles Centerpiece Modell.

    • Meine Gebete wurden erhört für eine passende bodyguard Einheit. Sich gleich mehrere zu holen klingt nach einer vernünftigen Idee, ich hoffe nur das im gussrahmen nicht mit bitz gespart wird.

  • Das neue Modell für Loard Kroak ist mega gut! Ich erkenne darin viel aus einem meiner Lieblingsbilder von Mark Gibbons aus dem ersten Armeebuch Echsenmenschen (5. Edition). Damals hab ich immer gehofft, dass es ein Modell dazu kommt – endlich ist es so weit!

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