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GW: Wochenvorschau mit Orks für 40k

Kommenden Samstag geht der Codex: Orks für Warhammer 40.000 in die Vorbestellung, zusammen mit Verstärkung für die grünen Horden in der fernen Zukunft.

Sunday Preview – Green Is Good

They’ve been a long time coming, but da ladz iz finally ’ere. The latest green wave finally crests next Saturday, when you’ll be able to pre-order Codex: Orks and all the Boyz, squigs, and Battlewagons you could ever need, including an all-new Combat Patrol box with 25 miniatures – 24 of which are available for the very first time.

Codex: Orks

First up this week we have the meanest, greenest Orks codex in history, which sees the greenskins roar into the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000 in fearsome fettle. This huge volume contains 61 new and revamped datasheets, and includes new rules for Crusade campaigns, Relics, Stratagems, Psychic Disciplines, and seven clans, including the piratical Freebooterz. With upgrades including new Dakka weapons and that all-important boost to Toughness 5 across the board, Orks are a terrifying prospect on the tabletop – as they should be.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 1

Codex: Orks comes in two editions – a standard hardback edition and a luxury collectors’ edition with all the swanky bells and shiny whistles including a soft-touch cover and silver foiling. Both are available to pre-order on Saturday.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 2

Combat Patrol: Orks

Saturday also sees pre-orders open for a vast host of new Orks, including the long-awaited new Boyz kit, making their very first appearance in the new Orks Combat Patrol set. In fact, 24 of the 25 miniatures you get in this box are totally new – 20 Boyz armed with shootas, sluggas and choppas, big shootas, and rokkit launchas, as well as the new mega-armoured Warboss, his grot gunner, and three ded-killy Deffkoptas.

And while the Deff Dread you get might not be new, it remains an evergreen and efficient way to clobber your enemies. This is a fantastic box to get started on a new Orks army or reinforce an existing Waaagh!.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 3

Beast Snagga Boys

The Beast Snagga Boyz have been sighted on their own for the first time, and with two Strength 5 attacks in close combat at -1AP each, these ornery fellows are rowdy enough to give even a Plague Marine the yips. You get 10 to a box, but why stop there? Jack them up with a Beastboss, some Squighog Boyz, and a Kill Rig or two and you’ve got the makings of a brand-new squig-powered force.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 4


Talking of the Beastboss… Someone’s got to take charge round ’ere. While that job traditionally falls to the most cantankerous Ork in the immediate vicinity, in this case it’s the one with the largest collection of skulls and the cosiest fur coat. The Beastboss is a monster in close combat, with a fighty aura that gives other Beast Snaggas in range an extra attack – and check out the targeting squig on his back.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 5

Zodgrod Wortsnagga

The greatest Runtherd of the era returns to the galactic stage this week, with his first model since way back in the mid ’90s. Zodgrod Wortsnagga is known for two things – his dubious belief that grots aren’t a waste of space, and that tremendous barnet. He still soups up his cadre of grot attendants, meaning they can shoot and perform actions at the same time – and his hair squigs are more luxuriant than ever.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 6

Squighog Boys

Beast Snaggas are all about the squigs, from Zodgrod’s living wig to the giant tramplasquigs that lug their Kill Rigs into battle. Squighog Boyz are partial to a medium variety of squig, all the better to blitz headlong at whoever they’re fighting and duff them up on the charge. This set, again available on its own for the first time, contains five models – three regular boys, a Nob on a Smasha Squig, and a Bomb Squig (whose grot rider appears not to appreciate the imminent explosion he’s riding towards, and indeed on top of).

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 7


It’s a question that’s befuddled Orkish philosophers for millennia – Battlewagon, Bonebreaka, or Gunwagon? You can now wrestle with this eternal conundrum for yourself, because the existing Battlewagon kit is being repackaged to include the upgrade sprue that lets you soup it up with a deff rolla or a kannon. You know what? Philosophy be damned – build the ramshackle dakka-bristling mobile gun fortress of your dreams.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 8 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 9

Ork Dice and Datacards

You can’t expect to command the respect of your Waaagh! if you don’t invest in the requisite gubbins to ensure victory in the proper manner. And as we all know, victory in the proper manner means due obeisance to the dice gods, and some nice datacards to help you remember all your Stratagems and psychic powers without having to flip through a Codex every two minutes.

The Ork dice set comes in a snazzy green, while there are 52 datacards in total, encompassing general and clan-specific Stratagems, 13 psychic powers, and all the core Stratagems for good measure.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Green Is Good 10

Big ’Ed Bossbunka

There’s a certain logic to setting up your gaff in the severed head of a Great Gargant, as well as an undeniable panache, and just a soupçon of elan.* The Big ’Ed Bossbunka is a new Fortification for the truly discerning Warboss, delivering a Gaze of Gork that hits like a truck** and a loudspeaker that boosts the big guy’s aura abilities.

* An Ork did not write this

** A truck with Strength 9 and -4 AP…

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  • Muss gestehen, finde die neuen Orks schon ziemlich gut. Da ist die Versuchung groß neben den Kommandos noch ein Greenskins Kill Team zu bauen…oder sie für Stargrave oder Starbreach zu nehmen.

    Weiß einer was der Big ‚Ed Bossbunker kosten wird? Ergänzend zum Octarius Gelände wäre der und der Mekshop eine mich optisch reizende (und abschließende) Ergänzung, aber letzterer ist ja schon nicht ganz günstig.

  • Ich bin zwar kein Ork Spieler, aber ich kenne da diverse Leute die sich über diese Neuheiten sehr freuen werden.☺️

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