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GW: Warhammer Skulls Festival Previews

Im Rahmen des Warhammer Skulls Festival gab es Nachschub für Freunde virtueller Spiele, mit neuen Titeln und Erweiterungen für bereits veröffentlichte Videospiele.

Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From the Warhammer Skulls Festival

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 1

You may already know it as Skulls for the Skull Throne, and now the newly renamed Warhammer Skulls online event is back with a seven-day festival of all things Warhammer video games. This year it’s bigger and better than ever, with an online showcase stuffed with world premieres and announcements, new games and content, and a few choice deals to be had on your favourite Warhammer games.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 2

Total War: Warhammer II

The final Lord Pack for Total War: Warhammer II is on its way, where you’ll join the stealthy Lizardmen Chameleon, Oxyotl, and the rampaging Brass Bull, Taurox, as they race to rend or repair a great scar of Chaos across the Old World.

Alongside Taurox, a powerful combat hero hefting two monstrous axes, comes a top-to-bottom reimagining of the entire Beastmen faction. Sweeping changes to horde gameplay will have the Beastmen carving their name into the landscape of the Warhammer world more than ever, marking territory and earning progressive bonuses to provide a satisfying and lasting campaign experience.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 3

Meanwhile, Oxyotl’s time in the northern wastes taught the Chameleon that the fight against Chaos requires a personal touch – all over the world. By extensively preparing and travelling to far-off Lizardmen Sanctums hidden throughout the world, Oxyotl can fight a dynamic war against the forces of Chaos wherever they spring up.

The Silence and The Fury DLC is coming in July – it’s currently available to pre-order – and you can pick up Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II now on Steam.

Total War: Warhammer III

Hot on the heels of the second game’s final DLC comes the third instalment in this award-winning series. As you will have already seen from the incredible launch trailer and gameplay videos, Kislev is set to face off against the four Chaos Gods as the Old World descends further towards calamity. We know that Katarina, the Ice Queen, will be commanding the faithful of Ursun in battle, but who else is putting their general’s cap on?

That’s right, Skarbrand is here to harvest a frankly ludicrous number of skulls for his master, Khorne. As one of his god’s most powerful daemons, and a living embodiment of bloodlust and carnage, Skarbrand commands the daemonic host of Khorne with absolute authority and sends his armies on vicious raids into the Warhammer world.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 4

re-order Total War: Warhammer III now on Steam and the Epic Games Store, and keep an eye on the Total War social media channels for a greater look at Khorne’s full roster soon.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall

Become an instrument of Sigmar’s judgement in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall, and step into the Mortal Realms for the first time in Virtual Reality. As a Lord-Arcanum of the Stormcast Eternals, you’ll wield the arcane power of the storm to blast aside hordes of undead minions, or get stuck in and tear their heads from their shoulders with your bare hands.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 5

You won’t just be needlessly flexing your divine powers either, as you’ll embark on a full story campaign in the depths of Shyish, the Realm of Death, in the dark times following the Necroquake. In the meantime, you can find out more and join the closed beta test right now at the Tempestfall Discord channel, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the game’s release on Steam VR and Oculus Quest this Summer.

GOG Digital Goodie Bag

As we mentioned before, Warhammer Skulls is spreading wider than ever before this year, and our good friends at GOG.com are getting right into the swing of things with a digital goodie bag jam-packed with awesome free stuff for you to keep.

Not only will you get to experience a classic piece of Warhammer’s digital history in Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, but there’s also Black Library fiction, the breathtaking Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus soundtrack, an adventure for the Wrath & Glory RPG, discounts for Warhammer merchandise, and more. This bag of free stuff will only be available until the 10th of July, so grab yours soon.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 6

While you’re there, browse the expanded catalogue of Warhammer games that now includes classics like Blood Bowl and Blood Bowl II, Warhammer Quest, and Adeptus Titanicus as well as new release Necromunda: Hired Gun. You can find all of this on the Warhammer page on GOG.com, so head on over and pick up a bounty of Warhammer goodness now.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Return to the fight against the Skaven and Chaos hordes with the Sister of the Thorn DLC on PC, an all-new career for Kerillian, the game’s most popular character (according to players, anyway – Saltzpyre is less than fond of her).

Take command of unique spells, talents, and more as the Wood Elf dips her toes into the magical arts for the first time, with dire consequences for any of the unfortunates who get in her way. She’s not the only one getting something new from Warhammer Skulls either, as all players will receive a unique portrait frame for logging in during the event, as well as Thal’s Keep getting a bit of sprucing up in the form of some skull adornments. Lots and lots of skulls.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 7

If you’re an Xbox player you’re also in luck, as today marks the launch of the free Chaos Wastes expansion. You can play with your friends together right away, and in Chaos Wastes, everyone starts with the same gear, so there’s no catching up to do for newcomers. It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass if you subscribe. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is available now on Xbox, Steam, and PlayStation.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

When you want to take the beloved co-operative carnage of the Vermintide series and bring it into the 41st Millennium, you’ll need a writer who knows the grim darkness of the far future better than almost anyone. Luckily, that writer is on hand, as Dan Abnett joins the Warhammer 40,000: Darktide team to bring decades of Black Library experience to bear in creating a rich and authentic environment for you to explore.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 8

You and up to three friends will be delving into the bowels of Tertium, a hive city falling into the clutches of Chaos, as you embark upon missions to earn the trust of the Inquisition and bring salvation to the city. Check out the first gameplay trailer now, and keep an eye out for more information on the game coming to Steam, Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, and Windows 10 – plus of course the Darktide website, Facebook and Twitter.

Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade

Join millions of players embarking on a quest to defend the Imperium in Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade, now available in the United States for the first time. Fight alongside players from Europe, Russia, and Australia as the commander of a lost expedition, who must take control of iconic Warhammer 40,000 heroes to beat back the forces of Chaos in an intense mobile strategy game.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 9

Download the game for free now on the App Store, Google Play, and soon on Windows 10, and take part in a host of Warhammer Skulls events and updates, including the ability to customise your own Imperial Knight.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground

Experience the first-ever strategy video game released in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe in Storm Ground, out now on Steam, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Take command of one of three beautifully realised factions – the Nighthaunt, Maggotkin of Nurgle, and Stormcast Eternals – and fight across ever-changing roguelike campaigns as you build your army and fight in spectacular turn-based skirmish battles.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 10

Collect and deploy dozens of unique units, each customisable with equipment and skills to form a highly personalised fighting force. Gain experience in the campaign and then take your chosen heroes online in electric 1v1, player vs player battles with full console and PC crossplay support. Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground is available now, just in time for Warhammer Skulls, so dive in and begin your assault on the Mortal Realms.

Necromunda: Hired Gun

Speaking of games that have just been released, dive into the chaotic warrens of the Imperium’s greatest hive city in Necromunda: Hired Gun, a fast-paced and furious first-person shooter from indie Streumon Studio. Take on contracts, earn dangerous bounties, and upgrade everything from your guns to your body.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 11

You’ll even be able to enlist the help of possibly the only loyal companion in the entire city – your cyber-mastiff. Call him into battle with a squeaky rat toy and fight enemies together amidst a wild range of locations, from white-hot forges to bubbling chemical factories.

Necromunda: Hired Gun is out now on Steam, GOG, Epic Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 – play now and get the Corsair Skin pack as a free update for the Warhammer Skulls festival.

Blood Bowl 3

Return to the fields of Blood Bowl when the third game in the popular fantasy sports franchise begins its closed beta testing today. Head over to the official Blood Bowl 3 website and sign up for a chance to take part in the game’s development and try out three new teams – the Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, and revealed today for the video game, the Elven Union.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 12

The game will come to Early Access on Steam this autumn. It will have its full release on all major platforms including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Switch early next year. In the meantime, get your beta access now and play games against the AI or other players via online matchmaking, creating teams and getting a first look at some of the new customisation options on offer. Keep up on all the latest developments on their Facebook and Twitter channels.

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector

Revealed today, the Sisters of Battle join the Blood Angels forces defending Baal in Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector. Having been deployed to secure a vital settlement on the orders of Commander Dante, Sister Superior Verity and her Battle Sisters team up with Sergeant Carleon in his quest to root out the synaptic disturbance on Baal Secundus.
Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 13

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector is the definitive battle-scale strategy game set in the 41st Millennium, and is coming soon on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, Xbox, Windows 10 and PlayStation. Stay up to date and find out more via Facebook and Twitter.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Arena

Engage in furious tactical battles with heroes and villains from across the Mortal Realms in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Arena, the next evolution in mobile auto battlers. Choose your Captain to unlock special abilities and traits, then arrange your army to take advantage of faction and class bonuses and watch them battle against your opponents.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Arena is coming soon to the App Store, Google Play, Windows 10, and Steam. Find out more about the game on its website – and check out the gameplay footage revealed today.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

The smash-hit adaptation of the classic Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower board game comes to Steam and Windows 10 for the first time, just in time for a brand new free campaign expansion. Shadows Over Hammerhal features 35 environments, 10 enemies and a new hero – the Evocator Prime. All versions of the game feature cross-platform saves, so you can continue your adventure on mobile at any time.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is available for download now on Steam, the App Store, Google Play, and Windows 10.

Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef

Check out this brand new game that’s just been announced! Get ready to Waaagh! in a 2D action platform shooter (or should that be shoota?) from the developers of critically acclaimed Guns, Gore & Cannoli, coming to Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Switch. Choose between four unique classes and twenty weapons as you run and gun your way through a planet packed with things that want you dead (including other Orks, probably because they stole your hair squig).

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 14

Join up to four friends in online and local co-operative multiplayer and competitive versus modes when Shootas, Blood & Teef arrives next year. Wish list the game on Steam now, keep up to date with the news on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and find out loads more about the game on the website.

Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister

The first-ever Virtual Reality game set in the 41st Millennium is now available on Oculus Rift, and is arriving in force with a new Horde map, Heart of Dread, just in time for Skulls. Battle through the dark and hellish confines of a Chaos warship, defeating relentless waves of foes, and when the going gets tough try out the new co-op multiplayer mode with up to three fellow Sisters.

Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister is available now on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

Warhammer Underworlds: Online

Free game alert! The digital adaptation of the award-winning Warhammer Underworlds is this year’s Free to Keep game for Warhammer Skulls. That means you can pick up the base game completely free on Steam until the 10th of June, and it’s yours to keep thereafter. It’s the perfect time to get into the game, and there’s a whole load of great deals on additional warbands and bundles to complete the set, including the new Garrek’s Reavers Warbandwhich has also launched for Skulls.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 15

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters

Ready your force halberd! This beloved franchise is returning from the murky mists of 1998 in an all-new title from Frontier and Complex Games. Lead a personalised squad of Grey Knights Space Marines against the daemonic forces of Chaos in a galaxy-wide plot to infect worlds with a cosmic plague known as The Bloom.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 16

Engage in fast-paced, turn-based tactical combat as you embark upon a strategic, story-driven campaign written by Black Library author Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is set for release in 2022, and keep your eyes peeled for more information to be unveiled this August with a brand new trailer from a great CG studio.

Find out more and wish list the game now on Steam, and stay up to date on all the details as they’re announced on the website, Facebook and Twitter.

Warhammer Skulls and Video Game Merch

While you’re knee-deep in all of this incredible virtual goodness, head on over to our official merch store and pick up some shirts, mugs, and posters to commemorate this event (or just to look awesome, they do that too).

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 17

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War

Launched today is a new DLC for the popular 40K 4X, Gladius. Called the Specialist Pack, it adds these new units to every existing faction – Canoptek Wraiths, Dark Disciples, Venomthropes, Warlocks, Kill Burstas, Krootox Riders, Ratlings, and Devastator Centurions. The base game also has a free update for Skulls for all game owners, with heroes now able to use the rare Dimensional Key item to let you teleport across the map. Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War is available now and on offer during Skulls on Steam, GOG and Epic Store.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 18

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest

A full week of content is here for aspiring champions of Chaos during the Skulls event, including the arrival of legendary hero Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance. Battle him with your champions to earn new equipment, a new fortress skin, and other prizes.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 19

Meanwhile, Stalked by the Skulltaker, the most important event of the year, is back and better than ever. Claim the vicious Skulltaker for your army and craft valuable rewards including a Bloodthirster-style helmet and Khorne-themed gauntlets.

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest is available now on Steam, Windows 10, App Store and Google Play, and now supports Korean and Japanese language options for the first time.

Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron

Two new looted vehicles join the Dakka Squadron today as the Orks manage to get their hands on a Necron Doom Scythe and Imperial Arvus Lighter. In typical Orky fashion, they’ve been modified extensively from their original condition (we’re still not sure how they managed to get the Doom Scythe working) and will be available in-game alongside their respective Ork fighters and bombers.

Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron is available right now on Steam and GOG.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 20

Gift your Techpriests with the (potentially heretical) Xenarite Macrostubber as part of a free update for Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, which is available to try on Xbox this weekend as part of their Free Play Days. As an added bonus, fans of the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack by Guillaume David can grace their ears with the fully mastered soundtrack available now on YouTube.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is available now on Steam, GOG, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

World of Tanks and World of Warships Collaboration Events

The grim and determined tank crews of the Valhallan armoured regiments are making their way to World of Tanks with the terrifying KV-2 (R) Valhallan Ragnarok tank, draped in the stylings of the Astra Militarum’s famed Ice Warriors. Meanwhile, the Mordian Iron Guard are also getting stuck in with a style set for the BDR G1 B tank, both of which are available only until June 10th on Steam, so don’t miss out.

Meanwhile, players of World of Tanks Blitz can get behind the controls of their very own Space Marine tanks as the Predator and Vindicator roar into action. The iconic Space Marine vehicles will be available across three special bundles in the colours of the Ultramarines chapter, and for truly dedicated tank commanders additional legendary camouflage patterns deck your vehicles out as Imperial Fists or Dark Angels. To top it all off, avatars featuring the Imperial Aquila and an Ultramarines Intercessor will be available, so get yours before the event ends on 10th of June on Steam, Windows 10, Switch, Apple App Store, and Google Play.

If command of the high seas is more your kind of thing, don’t miss the Chaos and Imperium DLCs for World of Warships on Steam, Windows 10, and World of Warships: Legends on Xbox. Each contains a ship and a legendary commander, as well as some extra camouflage patterns for your other ships to help them gain some bonuses.

Players on Steam will also be able to earn bonus rewards in a special in-game mission, including thematic camouflages and more. This event will coincide with a special livestream on their Steam page on the 5th of June, so tune in and get involved with your fellow 41st Millennium commanders.

We’re almost done, so here’s a last few quickfire events also running during Warhammer Skulls.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 21

Horus Heresy: Legions

Get your heretical hands on a new collectible warlord card, Ar’gakhol Goreborn, Daemon Lord of Khorne, alongside a new PvE raid event and Warhammer Skulls-inspired alternative card backs and warlord art. As well as being on Steam, Apple App Store and Google Play, the game has also just launched on Windows 10.

Space Hulk: Tactics

Battle the ravenous forces of Hive Fleets Gorgon and Kronos with two new skins for the Tyranid menace, out now on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr

Track down Daemon Engines with a powerful new eye implant and destroy them to earn upgrade enchantments for this unique piece of equipment. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is also available to try this weekend as part of Xbox’s Free Play Days. Check it out on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 22

Talisman: Digital Edition

Play the classic Games Workshop board game on Xbox for the first time, and take part in a special Skulls challenge system with suitably spooky objectives.It’s also available on Steam, GOG, and PlayStation.

Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus

Take command of a mighty Imperator Titan corrupted by the servants of the Blood God, Khorne, and lay waste to the Corpse Emperor’s minions. Head on over to Steam and GOG.

Warhammer Combat Cards

The popular card-battling game launches on Steam and Windows 10 with a bang, featuring the largest celebration in the game’s history with three live events, new gameplay, and an amazing array of new cosmetics and units.

Games Workshop Love Video Games? Check Out Every Reveal From The Warhammer Skulls Festival 23

Necromunda: Gang Skirmish

Bring faith and fire to the underhive with the arrival of House Cawdor to Necromunda: Gang Skirmish over on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Mordheim: Warband Skirmish

The most requested warband of all time makes its debut in the cursed city of Mordheim, and that can only mean one thing – the Orcs are here and ready for Waaagh! Available now on Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows 10.

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  • “Im Schatten der gehörnten Ratte“ aber ganz besonders der Nachfolger “Dark Omen“ sind der Inbegriff klassischem Warhammers. So schön Total War auch ist, Dark Omen ist das Spiel, welches es vor 25 Jahren geschaft hat, das Flair des Tabletops zu 100 Prozent auf den Computer zu übertragen und gleichzeitig alle Schwächen davon zu beseitigen. Eine zeitloses Spielerfahrung.

    • Yup. Dark Omen war genial, aber ich fand es damals unheimlich schwer. Lag es an meinem ungeduldigen, jugendlichen Selbst oder war es tatsächlich so ein Brocken?
      Vor allem erinnere ich mich, dass es sehr schwierig war, Verluste auszugleichen. Das erste Demonworld, auch wenn es nicht in dr Warhammer Welt spielt, war ähnlich genial, und nicht so schwer.

      • Ich hatte damals Dark Omen auf der PS1 durch gespielt. Beim ersten durch spielen fand ich es auch sehr schwer, aber ich bin am Ball geblieben. Und habe das Spiel geliebt.
        Als ich dann beim Kumpel „Im Schatten der gehörnten Ratte“ gesehen habe, habe ich es mir gleich ausgeliehen und gespielt.
        Leider konnte ich das Spiel nie durch spielen da auf der CD tiefe Kratzer waren und das Spiel dort nie weiter geladen hat 🙁

    • An Dark Omen kann ich mich auch noch erinnern. War schon toll damals, aber ich glaube das kann man heute echt nicht mehr spielen. Steuerung, Gameplay, Grafik… urks! 🙁
      Da bin ich doch von TotalWar Warhammer 1+2 zu sehr „verwöhnt“ (btw: fantastisches Spiel speziell mit der SFO-Grimhammer-Mod!) 😀

  • Zwischen den vielen Spielen darf ich lesen: Chaosgate. Und das war meiner Meinung nach das mit Abstand beste WH40K PC Spiel der Vergangenheit.

    Mit Grey Knights statt Ultramarines, was auch stimmig ist.

    Ich hoffe, den Reboot bekommen sie ordentlich hin.

    • Oh ja, da wurde ich auch aufmerksam und ein Anfall von Nostalgie überschwemmte mich
      Bin gespannt 🙂

    • Oh ja: Chaos Gate war cool. Davon nen vernünftiges Remake mit guter Steureung, Grafik, Anims,… wäre toll. Bin gespannt. 🙂
      Ansonsten find ich es aber erstaunlich wie viiiiele Warhammer(40k)-Spiele es inzwischen gibt! 😀

  • Habe heute früh mal wieder in Schatten der gehörten Ratte reingespielt.

    Frage mich gerade ob das Spiel wirklich so schwer ist wie ich es in Erinnerung habe, oder ob das alles nur an dieser Steuerung aus der Hölle liegt.

    Denke ich werde nicht mehr weiter spielen, kann ich mir irgendwie nicht mehr geben.
    Hoffe aber Dark Omen kommt irgendwann mal wieder. Habe ich in besserer Erinnerung.

    • Einige spätere Level sind unschaffbar. Zum Glück kann man die überspringen, indem man sich zurück zieht. Das größte Problem ist, dass es nicht jederzeit nach einem Lebel möglich ist, seine Truppen aufzufüllen. Dark Omen war da besser.

      • Habe jetzt doch nochmal weiter gespielt, gebe dir Recht, es wird zunehmend schwerer. Habe für die Mission mit dem ersten Rattenoger 5 Anläufe gebraucht um nicht völlig zerlegt zu werden 😅.

        Mal schauen ob ich nicht doch dranbleiben, irgendwie packt es einen dann doch wieder.

        Allerdings, sich an die Steuerung zu gewöhnen ist echt schwer.

  • Ich spiel zur Zeit mit meinen Jungs (vor allem wärend Coronalockdown) ab und an Vermintide 2.
    Allerdings muss ich sagen, mehr aus der Not heraus, weil einer von uns leier einen sehr alten Rechner hat und wir ihn nicht ausschließen wollten.

    Leider ist das Spiel maximal Mittelmaß, wenn überhaupt.
    Abgesehen von dem mehr als stumpfen Gameplay ist das Itemsystem einfach total Banane.
    Alle Items haben zwar Stats und Attribute… aber welche genauen Auswirkungen die auf den Charakter haben, wird nirgendwo angezeigt. Es gibt keine Werte außer einem abstrakten PowerLvl. Eigentlich ziemlich sinnfrei so ein System.
    Auch die Charaktere selbst spielen sich größtenteils alle gleich.

    Keine Ahnung, warum das Spiel dennoch relativ positive Bewertungen bekommen hat.
    Für nen Fünfer im Sale kann man das Grunspiel sicherlich kaufen. 28 Euro ist es aber m.E.n. nicht wert und die Addons sind für das Gebotene leider auch zu teuer.

    Wenn nicht unbedingt „Warhammer Universum“ drauf stehen muss: spielt nen anderes Coop Game. Da gibt es für weniger weit bessere Games zum gleichen Preis.

    • Bin da völlig anderer Meinung. Von all den Left 4 Dead clones ist Vermintide mit Abstand der Beste. Die Charaktere spielen sich wirklich unterschiedlich (wenn man die schwierigen Szenarios nimmt und nicht alles mit 2 Hit umhaut) und das Itemsystem ist auch relativ eigenständig, da man sich gear selbst craften kann.

      Aber hey, Geschmäcker sind verschieden, ich find Fortnite vz.b. ziemlich blöd.

      • L4D finde ich um längen besser, auch wenn es da z.B. kein Itemsystem gibt.
        Wie das bei Back4Blood wird, wird man sehen. Hoffe aber das es mit dem Vorbild mithalten kann.
        Fortnite steh ich auch nicht drauf, aber was an Vermintide ne Perle sein soll, erkenn ich beim besten Willen nicht.

        Wie gesagt, dass Itemsystem ist total nichtssagend. Ein Wert ohne Bezugspunkt macht i.m.A. absolut keinen Sinn. Das craften macht es nicht besser. In dem Punkt geht es auch nicht um Geschmack.
        Einzig der Ansatz, dass durch Loot und Craften der max. Punktwert von +-10 vorangetrieben wird, find ich echt gut um kontinuierlichen Progress zu gestalten.
        Wir spielen immer auf Veteran, aber ein Spiel durch seinen Schwierigkeitsgrad „gut“ zu machen, halte ich grundsätzlich für ne schlechte Lösung.

  • Chaos Gate, im Schatten der gehörten Ratte & Dark Omen. Da hab ich aufgehört zu lesen und die Kreditkarte schonmal bereitgelegt 🙂 das sind die 3 Spiele die ich seinerzeit gesuchtet habe. Bissle mit dem Poliertuch über die Grafik- ich glaub heut komm ich mit dem Schwierigkeitsgrad besser zurecht als seinerzeit

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