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GW: Beast Snagga Armeeset Preview

Am kommenden Samstag erhebt sich mit der Beast Snagga ein Waaagh der Grünhäute in der fernen Zukunft.

Sunday Preview – Launch Your Beast Snagga Waaagh! Next Week

Just in case all of the Orky reveals from yesterday’s Online Preview weren’t enough for the burgeoning Warlord inside, from next Saturday, you’ll be able to pre-order the amazing new Beast Snagga Orks Army Set.

We know that you’ve been excited for the new Beast Snagga Orks boxed set since we announced it at this year’s Warhammer Fest. Well, next Saturday, you’ll finally be able to pre-order this incredible box and start your own Beast Snagga Waaagh!.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Launch Your Beast Snagga Waaagh! Next Week 1

The box is absolutely stuffed with Orks and ravenous squigs – not only do you get 26 new Ork miniatures, the set comes with an exclusive version of the new Ork codex with bespoke Beast Snagga artwork, a set of Ork datacards, and a transfer sheet.

The army includes:

  • Zodgrodd Wartsnagga – the legendary Runtherder
  • Nob on Smasha Squig – the epitome of the Beast Snaggas
  • Squighog Boyz – hard-hitting cavalry
  • Bomb Squig – the undisputed star of the box
  • 20 Beast Snagga Boyz – the core of your new Ork army

The codex has enough options for you to run a pure Beast Snagga Boyz army, or mix and match with your existing Orks to create the Waaagh! of your dreams. This will be the first place for you to get the new Ork codex but don’t worry, it will be available separately soon.

Warhammer 40.000 ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasywelt und Taschengelddieb erhältlich.

Quelle: Games Workshop


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