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Gunfight Royale: Kicklstarter läuft

Knuckleduster haben einen etwas speziellen Kickstarter am Laufen.

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 1 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 2

Plastic cartoon gunfighters battle to the finish in a Wild West miniatures board game that features beautiful artwork and lighthearted game play!

It’s a move-and-shoot tactical board game where you have either one or two characters in the fight. You keep track of weapons, ammo, and health, cashing in poker chips as you are dealt hits. There is a mechanism for reacting to events when it’s not your turn, and there are dirty trick cards you can play to interfere with other people’s actions. Items are distributed around the board, and in most scenarios it is possible to accumulate loot or find useful equipment.

The game includes:

  • 20 x 20-inch Gameboard(508 x 508 mm)
  • 13 plastic playing pieces (12 gunfighters and one rider)
  • 188 cards (characters, weapons and items, dirty tricks, scenarios, wounds, and reference)
  • 6 Punch boards for tokens and wound chips
  • 7 dice (3 types)
  • Dry erase pens
  • Game box (11 x 11 x 2.75 inches).

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 3


The game takes place in a sleepy western town called Gunpowder Gulch. Twelve misfits fight it out with derringers, pepperboxes, pistols, rifles, shotguns, dynamite, knives, and numerous oddball items that serve as melee weapons and devices for gaining an advantage. Dirty Trick cards can be played to immediately cause mischief to an opponent or give yourself an „unfair“ advantage. Even after your character bites the dust, you can continue to play Dirty Trick cards, so you won’t be left out of the action.

The outside of the board has a time track upon which the Lone Rider of Eternity figure plods his way from High Noon to The Sunset, giving the game a definite ending point!

Here’s a quick look at renders of the misfits and ne’er-do-wells you’ll encounter in the basic game (they will come cast in plastic):

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 4

More about each of these in the Updates that will be posted throughout the month!


If you’d like to bring this game to life, back us at one of the following levels!

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 5 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 6 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 7 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 8

The previous levels all include the option to substitute traditional 28mm slotta-base figures for both the game figures and stretch goals. This is called the „Old Timer Option.“ Specify this option at the end of the campaign as part of the backer survey you will receive.

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 9

Be a hero and you’ll receive not only the stretch goals, but also custom upgrades to the game, including clay composite poker chips, wooden tokens, and metal versions of the basic figures and any stretch goal figures that have been unlocked. This one has the most potential for huge discounts over the full value of the items when lots of stretch goals are unlocked!

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 10

Das sind die Stretch Goals:

Pistoleer backers and above add to their rewards by unlocking these stretch goals. Each unlocked character provides backers with a plastic mini and their character and weapon cards. Hero backers receive them in both plastic and lead-free pewter!

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 11 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 12 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 13 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 14

Add-ons gibt es auch:

Boost your pledge beyond the amount needed for your Level Rewards to order these add-ons at the conclusion of the Kickstarter (during the Backer Kit phase). Here are the items on offer and the amount to set aside.

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 15 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 16 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 17 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 18 KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 19

There have been similar games, no doubt about it. This one, however, deserves a place on your bookshelf alongside the others for the following reasons.

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 20

1. The figures are cool! At first glance you might think they are chibis, but they’re inspired by the caricature art of the 1800s, which combines the cartoonish and the hyper-realistic.

2. The scope is a bit different than the usual skirmish board game. In Gunfight Royale, players control one or, at most, two characters. The gunfights are small and intense affairs (much like real gunfights) and the focus is on individual characters and their quirks.

3. Choices come with consequences. The rule mechanisms are designed to make you sweat as you weigh the risks of your decisions. Whereas it is not overly-complicated to learn, it has enough substance that players who are into strategy games should find plenty to keep them busy.

4. Most everything you need to know is on the game cards that pass through your hands during play.

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 21

5. You can screw your neighbor. The “dirty trick” cards allow you to throw cold water on another player’s plans, even after your character is dead.

KM Gunfight Royale Kickstarter 22

6. The look of the game is unique with a very singular vision driving the artistic choices made. The finished game is meant to look like it was found in a time capsule.

7. Playtesting has been extensive, and the game sessions have resounded with laughter. This has been encouraging!

Die Kampagne läuft noch 7 Tage.

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  • Den Stil muss man mögen….und ich mag ihn.

    Scheint auch grds. sehr sympathisch zu sein.

    Die Knuckleduster News hab ich hier schon immer gerne verfolgt, aber bin kein Freund von „Maßband-Skirmish“.
    Aber ggf. ist das hier dann der Einstieg.

    Das hier passt daher super. Die SG sind auch recht dicht beieinander. Dürften daher noch ein paar Minis dazukommen.

    Hab jetzt den 65,00 Pledge + das Zusatkartenpack (was ich mit 45,- aber recht teuer finde).

    Byw: Unter Update 19 kann man, sofern man einen 3D-Drucker hat, eine Date für eine Probe-Mini runterladen, ebenso für einen Würfel.

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