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Games Workshop: Bawla und Burk & Rattenoger

Warhammer Community zeigen einen Ork mit Grot für die Feiertage und einen Rattenoger für Blood Bowl.

Celebrate Christmas the Orruk Way with this Year’s Festive Miniatures

This year’s special festive models are an orruk brute boss and his grot mate who have a special affinity for hunting skaven. Without further ado, here are Bawla and Burk.

While Bawla merrily hacks his way through skaven armies, Burk keeps the rat swarms out of his way. In fact, this grot is so cunning, we doubt that rat will ever catch him!

GW Bawla And Burk 1

As you can see, Bawla isn’t just good at slaying rodents – that definitely looks like a Stormcast Eternals helmet hitched to his belt, most likely as a trophy.

GW Bawla And Burk 2

Bawla and Burk will be available at your local Warhammer store between the 26th of December and the 2nd of January. Don’t worry if you can’t get out to get yours, because this perilous pair will then be made available on games-workshop.com between the 3rd of January and the 9th of January on a Made to Order basis – so everyone who wants these incredible miniatures can get them.

In games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, you can use the deadly duo as a characterful leader for a unit of Orruk Brutes. Alternatively, the diorama is a great painting challenge, or perhaps you’ll use it as inspiration for next year’s Armies on Parade – we’d love to see a board of skaven-hunting orruks!

Kill-maim the Opposition With the Skaven Team’s Monstrous Blood Bowl Berserker

GW Rat Ogre 1

Bob: I love Rat Ogres, Jim.

Jim: Why’s that, Bob?

Bob: They’re like Ogres, Jim, but they can strangle three opponents at once using two hands and a tail!

The Skaven are among the swiftest of all the Blood Bowl teams. However, that speed comes at a price – they’re also one of the most fragile teams in the game. That’s where the Rat Ogre comes in.

GW Rat Ogre 2

A Rat Ogre is an amalgam of mutated muscle created by the fleshcrafters of Clan Moulder. They tower over even the largest Stormvermin, and can tear an opponent limb from limb with effortless ease, even as they choke the life from another with their prehensile tail.

Its combination of speed, strength, and animalistic ferocity makes the Rat Ogre a formidable asset. Indeed, were it not for its wild nature, a Rat Ogre could almost be considered the perfect Big Guy. It possesses a brutal blend of Strength 5, Frenzy, and Mighty Blow (+1). That usually means two bites at the (face-smashing) cherry, and easy mode when it comes to crowd-surfing rival players – where they will no-doubt be horribly dismembered.

GW Rat Ogre 3

Perhaps the most crucial edge that a Rat Ogre offers is the ability to hold up multiple players on the line of scrimmage with the physical threat it represents. What’s more, the Rat Ogre’s prehensile tail makes it even harder for players to escape its clutches. Even without a numerical advantage, Skaven teams can score from almost any position. So if a Rat Ogre can tie up a few key players first, scoring almost becomes an inevitability.

This wonderfully characterful resin Rat Ogre miniature is coming soon, so sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear of its official release date. In the meantime, grab yourself a Skavenblight Scramblers set in preparation for the arrival of your awesome new Big Guy.

Jim: Ouch! That Rat Ogre’s just torn the player’s head right off!

Bob: A quick, clean kill, Jim. Just how I like it.

Jim: Well, based on all that delicious blood fountaining from the stump of the player’s neck, I wouldn’t exactly say the kill was clean, Bob…

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-In und Minyarts erhältlich.

Quelle: Warhammer Community


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