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FW: Blood Bowl Starspieler Barik Farblast

Mit Barik Farblast kommt Starspieler der Zwerge für Blood Bowl von Forge World.

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Barik Farblast – 27,00 Euro

Barik Farblast is a Hall of Famer whose use of crafty ball-launching technology has garnered him a reputation as one of the best throwers in the league – quite the feat for a Dwarf!

If your team needs a Thrower who can land a pass from anywhere on the pitch with pinpoint accuracy, prepare to be disappointed – there’s no such player in Blood Bowl! However, it you want the nearest thing to it, Barik Farblast is your ma– er, Dwarf. His ‚ballzooka‘ may be a Secret Weapon, but it gives him an edge over any other Thrower in the game in terms of range and precision.

What’s more, like a true Dwarf, he follows the money – he’ll play for any Halfling Thimble Cup, Old World Classic, or Worlds Edge Superleague teams that can front his hiring fee.

This finely-detailed resin model is supplied in 13 pieces and comes with a 32mm Round Blood Bowl Base. All the rules you need to use Barik Farblast are included in the pack.

Quelle: Forge World


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  • Ich finde den cool aber diese Momentaufnahmen sind immer natürlich sehr spezifisch….

    Mal sehen, ich habe noch soo viele Zwerge, aus denen ich nen ordentlichen Scratchbuild machen kann.

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