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Forest Dragon: Oktober Preview

Forest Dragon haben auf Patreon ihre STLs für den Oktober vorgestellt.

October21 Ogres1 Ogres2 Ogrebanner Ogrescale Harpies1 Harpies2 Harpies3 Harpies4 Harpies5

After two months of Despoilers infantry it’s time for something different this month, so ogres and harpies are coming to reinforce your armies.

For the ogres there are nine unique sculpts including command options and there is a choice of two sculpted banners or a blank banner for your own designs. One of the ogres is stepping on a member of the household guard that has seen better days, but you will have the option to replace him with a simple rock if you prefer.

To accompany the ogres a third type of base has been added to the welcome pack, suitable for mounting three ogres (or wood elf greater forest spirits) on a 40 x 20 mm. Bases without the surface texture have also been included that may be more suitable for FDM printers.

The harpies are provided as strips and as individuals, so you can easily design your units to look as you please. The individual harpies are also provided with mirrored variants. After a couple of you requested it, the various rock pieces from this unit will be provided separately.

Since it may not be completely obvious from the sculpts, the intention is that the harpies have a two tone skin. I’ve included a quickly coloured image of one of the harpies to illustrate this, but of course you should paint yours however you wish!

As usual everything is provided fully supported in addition to unsupported and unbased miniatures. All the new releases will be available on October 2.

Ein Monat bei Forest Dragon kostet 5,00 USD.

Link: Forest Dragon auf Patreon


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