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Empress Miniatures: Neuheiten

Empress Miniatures zeigen auf Facebook einige Neuheiten in 15, 18, 20 und 28mm.

Empress XAN 15 01 Empress XAN 15 02 Empress XAN 15 03 Empress XAN 15 04

We have just released the latest Xan 15mm British Peninsular cavalry.
These packs are command and troopers for ;
British and KGL Heavy dragoons in Bicornes.
British Light Dragoons in Tarleton helmets.
Superb little chaps and perfect for bringing Wellington more victories on your table top.

Empress XAN 18 01 Empress XAN 18 02 Empress XAN 18 03 Empress XAN 18 04

Some more XAN 15/18mm releases. This time Spanish cavalry.
Both Dragoons and Line cavalry in bicornes. The Spanish army is often maligned by both enemy and allies alike in the Peninsular War and usually unfairly. Its military structure and the fact that it was actually engaged in a civil war within a war lead to many of the issues. However one thing is certain it is an important part of the war and adds so much to any battle from colour to the what will they do next factor. 😆

Empress XAN 20 01 Empress XAN 20 02 Empress XAN 20 03 Empress XAN 20 04 Empress XAN 20 05 Empress XAN 20 06 Empress XAN 20 07 Empress XAN 20 08 Empress XAN 20 09 Empress XAN 20 10 Empress XAN 20 11

Some more new releases. XAN again.
This time 20mm WW2 and a mix of Soviet winter infantry types ranging from mortar teams, officers, casualties, AT Rifle crews and tank riders.
Also the first three packs of Polish infantry.
All of these are in the shop WW2 20mm

Empress Baor 01 Empress Baor 02 Empress Baor 03

Some new releases.
28mm Cold War and beyond British vehicles to support our new BAOR range.
These are from the HLBSC range and have been put into new moulds and had a general clean up.
Scorpion / Scimitar – two versions to choose to make in the box.

Quelle: Empress Miniatures auf Facebook


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