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Eldfall Chronicles: Kickstarter naht

Der Kickstarter zu Eldfall Chronicles ist im Anmarsch.

Und darum geht es:

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 1

The Kickstarter pre-launch page is up! We are locked in for the 18th of May! 🙂
In the meanwhile, please show some love and hit the ’notify me‘ button, and if you can, spread the word wherever you can.

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 2

Eldfall Chronicles is a fantasy and RPG-inspired tabletop skirmish game with unique and collectible miniatures that immerses the players in a world where battle is commonplace.
You will face both conflict and ancient terror, against which you must depend on your own skill and cunning to prevail. Alternatively, you can join forces with trusted allies and face the battles together! Players can enjoy two styles of play, either pitting their skill and tactics against each other or teaming up against the game itself.

Gather your champions, clash with your opponents, tame terrible beasts, and survive to tell the tale! Choose a faction to lead into battle from the following selection:

  • The Helian League,
  • The Coalition of Thenion,
  • The Empire of Soga,
  • The Sand Kingdoms.

Each faction has a unique play style and aesthetic which will influence your strategies and tactics as you play the game.
In time the factions will be expanded and new ones will be added!

Immerse yourself into the engaging world of Calad. Forge your own fate, create your own story or simply learn more about the setting through various media.

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 3 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 5 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 10

Styles of Play:

The game has two main ways of play.
– The first one is against the other opposing player 1v1 .
– The second one is playing against creatures (the creatures can be operated by the game itself (an “AI system”) or manually by a player). In this mode, your party can compete against an opposing party. Or, if the threat is too great, you can also ally yourself with another party and play cooperatively against the creatures.
The game can also be played in 2v2 mode as well. Asymmetrical play is also possible (2v1, 3v1, single-player..) 

Disclaimer: the game has been play-tested intensively, but the advanced modes of play are less explored. We hope that by building a community, we can tackle any unexposed problems with the game.

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 4 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 11

How would we summarize the game?

The game presents you with 4 factions to choose from. Each one is distinct not only in lore and appearances but also in gameplay. They rely on different general strategies and favor a certain approach to win against other factions or creatures.

After you choose a faction, you then make your party, which you can tailor to your liking and preferred style of play. Every faction has a range of “models”: individuals, adventurers that represent roles or professions in the world.

However, as a commander, you have a limited number of resources and thus, can only “hire” a certain number of these individuals. In the world of Calad, there is presently no open war, yet, conflicts and turmoil are at large. The world is in need of capable commanders such as yourself, who will attain greatness and glory.

To achieve this, you will lead smaller, well-trained groups of braves on daring adventures and clandestine quests. The smaller number of adventurers you command does not make the situation any less intense; on the contrary. Each of the models in a party is different: every one of them can be considered as an individual, who has multiple skills, weapons and abilities, that make them distinct. They are indispensable party members, bringing unique elements to the table; each one is suited to different tasks, excels in different situations and allows different approaches to winning.

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 6 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 7 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 8 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 9

Arguably, the best way to command a party might be to seek synergies amongst your adventurers while considering their strengths and weaknesses.

One individual in a party also acts as the leader, who bolsters all of them with special abilities and can thwart your opponents’ plans.

Because of this, a smaller number of models under your command allows you to know them better and guide them more efficiently, mimicking an actual skirmish or adventure scenario.

Commanders might discover different strategies and tactics or rely on their instincts. And with true resolve, the victory could be in your hands.

Gameplay – some basic rules 

When players agree to a game, they decide on a Quest they intend to undertake. First, each player assembles their party by recruiting models, individual combatants. They may choose them from a certain faction or select neutral models, available to all factions. (Factions Overview here)

Then, the players perform a so-called Initiative Check: a roll that determines their turn order and their starting position on the field.

After this is completed, players place the models onto the field in the determined turn order, and the game begins.

At the beginning of each turn, each model on the field receives a number of Activation Points,
corresponding to their Stamina.  The Active Player is the player that is currently taking their turn; their models perform their Active Role. Meanwhile, the models of the opposing player, the Reactive Player, perform their Reactive Role, reacting against each Activation of the Active player’s models.
If we look at this in detail: The Active player may activate a model by spending one of its Activation points (each model may be activated according to their Activation Points). That model may then move and perform an action. However, this may get complicated, if an opposing -reactive- model sees the activated model during its movement. The reactive model can choose to
react to it by spending one of its own Activation points (e.g. Dodge, Attack etc.). The activated model must now decide whether to deal with the reacting model and adjust its action (e.g. Dodge, Attack etc.) or to continue with its original plan.

When the Active player concludes their turn, the roles of players exchange: the former Active Player becomes the Reactive Player and vice versa.

The game ends either when players complete their 5th round, or are left without alive models, or complete a certain objective of the Quest at hand. After the game ends, the players calculate Victory Points, which they received as rewards for completing objectives. The one with more points becomes the victor.

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 13 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 14 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 15

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 16 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 17 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 18

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 19 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 20 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 21

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 22 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 23 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 24

EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 25 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 26 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 27 EC Eldfall Chronicles Preview 28

Die Kampagne starte am 18. Mai.

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  • Also rein von den Modellen gefällt mir das leider überhaupt nicht.

    Bin aber trotzdem auf den Bat rep von Bier&Brezel Tobi gespannt.

    • Es wird ein Creature Pack geben, welches du holen kannst. Bestehen wird das ganze wohl aus einem Colossus, zwei Earth Elemental (linkes Bild oben), zwei Golem (rechtes Bild oben) und zwei Gargoyle.

  • Erste Mal, dass ich davon höre. Sieht interessant aus. Würde mich interessieren wie stark sich aktive und reaktive Modi der Charaktere unterscheiden, denke da steckt viel Potenzial.

    • Das ist eigentlich ganz interessant gelöst. Es gibt Aktionspunkte für deinen aktiven und für deinen reaktiven Zug. So oft kannst du pro Zug etwas machen. Du musst dir also überlegen, ob sich eine Reaktion lohnt. Für den Nahkampf gibt es dann verschiedene Attribute, je nachdem ob man im aktiven oder reaktiven Modus ist.
      Das ganze System hat eine starke nähe zu Rollenspielen und macht wirklich großen Spaß. Antesten ist schwer empfohlen.

  • Das ist für mich der am sehnsüchtigsten erwartete Kickstarter des Jahres. Ich finde die Modelle einfach mega schick und das Team hinter Eldfall Chronicles ist auch sehr sympathisch. Ich werde auf jeden Fall mit einsteigen.

  • Die Spielkomponenten sehen sehr hübsch aus.
    Kleines Spielfeld. Gefällt.
    Die Minis sind ja eher Vitrinenmodelle, da hätte ich lieber was leichter zu bemalendes.
    Aus dem Land kenne ich sonst keine TT Spiele. Wünsche dem Unternehmen viel Erfolg.

    • Die Minis sind tatsächlich recht einfach zu bemalen. Meine Pre Production Modelle hab ich komplett mit Contrast bemalt und das ging echt locker flockig von der Hand, ca. eine Stunde pro Mini. Schöne ausgeprägte Details ohne überladen zu sein. Auf Instagram und Facebook hab ich schon ein paar Bilder geposted. Morgen kommen noch ein paar mehr.

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