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Durgin Paint Forge: Previews

Durgin Paint Forge teilt Previews neuer Großfiguren.

The second last character of our very first range of big-scale characters: the Elf Shieldbearer!
The biggest kit of this new range, this lady will impact on your desk like a thousand pounds hammer!
How do you love this fierce duo?
Durgin Paint Forge Previews 2 Durgin Paint Forge Previews 3 Durgin Paint Forge Previews 4 Durgin Paint Forge Previews 5
Schon etwas älter – aber sehenswert ist die Vignette „Lunchtime“:
„Lunchtime“ is the latest scene I designed for the upcoming range of big scales figures, a little diorama (kind of…) I have had in mind for a very long time!
The idea behind this scene is pretty simple, a relaxed moment between a young adventurer and her mechanical familiar, between a quest and another one: they enjoy their meal, resting on ruins of an ancient temple.
This little range of big-scale minis is giving me the chance to really explore my fictional universe, Inneath, giving you a sight of some daily life of its colorful inhabitants!
I really enjoyed working on her storytelling, and despite I obviously encourage you to give your personal view on our characters, there are many details that can tell you something about her: for example, she wears a coat too big for her, probably a cloth once owned by a Second Government soldier (a Bluecoat? A Redcoat?). Did she inherit it, maybe from her father/brother/mother/etc? Or did she just found it during her journey, and decide to claim it for her own?
She clearly customized it, I can see many pins and medals: in Inneath it’s common for the many islands to use pins as a kind of travel pass, so she travelled a lot, judging on the number of them!
Apparently, she should be also kind of wealthy, or at least she succeeds in her job because owning and above all maintaining a mechanical familiar is anything but cheap, and the little mecha guy is drinking pure oil made by Giotto Inc., which is basically the top trend manufacturer of Zorn Uzul, concerning mechanical crafts and engineering!
For sure, she cares a lot about her familiar.
What kind of quests do you think she’s involved in? It seems like she’s a kind of treasure hunter, and the patch she carries on her face and arm shows that she’s a little brave one!
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