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Dropzone Commander: Previews und Restocks

TTCombat zeigen neue Modelle für Dropzone Commander.

Dropzone Restocks 2.0

Incoming Transmission – Reinforcements requested at these co-ordinates! SEND….. BACKUP…… zzzzt

Welcome to another Friday release, this week we have some new models coming for Dropzone Commander. If you want to check out what MDF is being released this week too, you can check that out here.

If you missed yesterdays post regarding the new Dropzone units and their rules, you can check that out here. The Stat Cards for these units have also been made available on the Dropzone Commander site.

Last time we did this we had over 80 miniatures coming back into stock, allowing you to build the armies you wanted. This time it’s a few things that were left off from our previous restock with some variants added.

We do also have an update for the Dropzone Commander FAQ going live too, you can find the FAQ 2.2.0 here in the Dropzone Commander Resources through the TTCombat webstore. We have a few units to get through so lets get into it.


Annihilator Mobile Artillery

TTC Dropzone Annihilator Mobile Artillery

The Annihilator or as it was also called in the rules post “The High-Heeled Fish of Doom!”. This comes with weapon options to make three variants too. A very deadly walking ship that with one of its variants has unlimited range!

You get one Annihilator in a blister with parts to make any variant for only £12


TTC Dropzone Obliterator

The high-heeled fish of doom the Annihilator is getting a very big gun! This variant is named the Obliterator, and is indeed a Heavy choice. With a direct fire weapon it needs to get a good eye-line on its opponents.

TTC Dropzone Obliterator 2

Luckily though, it can do so from across the entire battlefield! With an infinite range Furnace Laser (yes, a smaller version of the type often encountered in Dropfleet), this gives the Scourge some much needed long range firepower. And it really is very special in its firepower!

A massive Energy 11 with a 2+ Accuracy means bye-bye to most targets. Especially with Destroyer and Devastator-3 against all Vehicles and even Behemoths (which are coming to Dropzone soon – look out for them to start making their way to the battlefield in late 2021 or early 2022). Ouch! Although with a M&F of 0″, you can’t fly around and shoot in the same turn, so line yourself up with a good view of the battlefield early (not hard when you’re as tall as a building).


The Savager and its new variant, the Slaughterer. These are a fine addition to any Scourge army, especially with their Special Rules! Destroyer 6+ for the Savager? Area, Devastator-4 for the Slaughterer these can and will most likely make things hurt.

One of these in a blister with both weapons for £18

TTC Dropzone Savager 1

Dropzone veterans might recognise this as the old Eden’s Dinosaur, now brought back so all Scourge armies can include it!

TTC Dropzone Savager 2

The Savager shares the same hull as the Overseer, but its weapon is rather different! The Standoff Energy Beam is a triple shot laser with a long range (particularly for Scourge), which is pretty useful already, and its low Energy is offset by Destroyer, which automatically goes through armour on a 6 to hit.

The Savager’s big bonus is that if one of those Energy Beams activates the Destroyer rule, any others that hit also get that automatically! That’s a lot of dice you don’t have to roll and just watch your opponent get sad.


TTC Dropzone Slaughterer 1

Of course we wouldn’t release a kit like this without an alternate build (and these alternate weapons fit so snugly in place you don’t even need to magnetise them). Meet the Slaughterer.

TTC Dropzone Slaughterer 2

The Slaughterer is less about accurate firepower and more about bathing a whole area in a massive plasma explosion. With a crazy Devastator-4 against Behemoths and Vehicles alike, it does a lot of damage against its primary target. Any other unit not directly under the centre gets hit with a lower Devastator value, but it’s still enough to kill a lot of tanks!

Unfortunately, much like the Obliterator’s Furnace Laser, you cannot move and fire with this massive cannon. Although as an Aircraft with a 12″ move, it’s not going to be hard to line up your shots – especially when facing down some of the massive Behemoths!

Harbinger Dropship

TTC Dropzone Harbinger Dropship

The Harbinger Dropship has a variant as seen here which is the Harbinger Troopship. This unit can carry your troops in whilst protecting itself from other aircraft if you take the Mini Arc Caster, whilst the Plasma Bombs deal damage to anything below.

One Harbinger with two variants in a blister for £12.


TTC Dropzone Screamers

The Screamers are here and they are available as a two pack, these guys are perfect for getting in buildings and trying to halt enemy units from searching for objectives.

Two Screamers in a blister for £10


Hellhog Jumpjet

TTC Dropzone Hellhog Jumpjet

The Hellhog is great for any Resistance army. Flying fast and hitting hard with the ability to take Double Missile Pods alongside the Satan Chaingun and Cobra Missiles.  That’s a lot of firepower for something this nimble!

One Hellhog Jumpjet in a blister for £12

Lifthawk Dropship

TTC Dropzone Lifthawk Dropship

Double Missile Pods and a Flamethrower on a Lifthawk means more troop carrying and more damage, something that everyone likes! This can be pretty deadly when dropping units off at occupied buildings, burning everything around it!

The Lifthawk is available as a single model in a blister with weapon options for just £18


Scimitar Heavy Tanks

TTC Dropzone Scimitar Heavy Tanks

Coming with two options, Scimitar and Flail. The Flail is your short range bomb with tracks, this thing will get in close and then BOOM! Everything around it takes damage, except for itself. This of course does also ignore both Passive and Evasion Countermeasures so you probably want to destroy it quick.

You get two of these in a blister with options for both the Scimitar and Flail for £12

TTC Dropzone Scimitar Heavy Tanks 1

The Flail matches the Scimitar (and Gladius for that matter) in its basic statline, although it gains the Wide special rule, so you can double your coherency. Which is useful, because the Tesla Array that it is armed with is rather short ranged.

So short ranged in fact, that it erupts on the top of the Flail itself! Although it is a relatively low Energy, Area and Penetrative means that it’s got a good chance of hurting a lot of things. Plus, it ignores both Passive and Evasion Countermeasures, so Scourge and Shaltari players (the ones with the lower armour) beware!


Aegis Orbital Defence Laser

TTC Dropzone Aegis Orbital Defence Laser 1

This kit has been made a little bit smaller than it was before. You should now have more room on the battlefield when placing your Defence Laser. This is something you may want to take control of or destroy pretty quick. Units can take cover here and whilst they’re there, they might as well use the laser right? I mean, with Destroyer 5+ and Devastator-5 (Scenery) why not?

You can get your very own Orbital Defence Laser for just £25


Firedrake Heavy Assault Gate

TTC Dropzone Firedrake Heavy Assault Gate

You saw that right, the Firedrake is here! It does have a variant too, the Frostdrake. Some of you may remember seeing the Firedrake and Frostdrake on sale seperately before, well we’ve made it so you can make either from a single purchase!

You get the Firedrake in a blister with the option to make a Frostdrake for only £18

All of these new stat cards will be available for download tomorrow, and we’ll also have their stats on the Dropzone Commander army builder as well. You might even notice some changes to the builder in the coming days to make it nicer to look at and easier to navigate. All part of our ongoing efforts to improve the builder.

Of course, that’s not all that’s coming out this week, just the things with new rules! The Scourge are getting the Harbinger Troopship above, and there’s even more on the way for other factions as well.

Make sure to stop back tomorrow when we’ll give you the full details about the upcoming restocks heading to the TTCombat webstore this Friday, and keep an eye out for more Dropzone news coming soon!

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