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Creature Caster: Ausmera

Nach dem Erfolg von Canuckmera arbeiten Creature Caster an einer neuen Chimäre.

Creature Caster Ausmera

Ausmera Preorder – 65,82€

Chimera Creation Chronicle 2

The Experiments Continue

In light of last year’s escaped chimera, the mad scientists at Creature Caster headquarters have once again collaborated with hundreds of devoted backers from around the world… But this time, to bring life to a creature from a land made famous by its dangerous and deadly wildlife. This new amalgamation was born of the DNA of some of Australia’s most infamous creatures.

The primary DNA of the kangaroo…
Legs built for kicking, with long vicious claws for ripping and tearing. Its powerful legs and tail give the Ausmera incredible speed and strength, making it nearly impossible to outrun them. Don’t let it get too close, or you’ll find yourself acquainted with your own intestines – those rear claws are shredding machines.

The secondary DNA of a cassowary…
All of the pure aggression of a modern-day dinosaur. This avian’s DNA brings you a creature that fears nothing and attacks anything that enters its territory.

And a koala…
Though deceptively cute and fluffy, koalas are equipped with a sharp pair of teeth. Watch out for this head – with one of the smallest brains of any mammal, it has been known to mistake even its own children as a threat.

And even a smidge of arachnid.
To top it all off, this beast is poisonous. This one was a bit of a happy accident. A spider had found its way inside of our kangaroo specimen’s pouch, and the DNA was mixed into the batch during amalgamation.

The Ausmera is still in its early developmental phase. But with your support, it won’t be long before it is kicking and screaming in our resin lab.

The Ausmera will be hand-cast in pure, unfilled resin. Model will be unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

This campaign is a one-of-a-kind program that pairs our eccentric designers’ work with our community of passionate hobbyists to create incredible beasts of terror. After collecting the input of hundreds of Canuckmera backers, we present the second in a line of annual chimera creations: the hydra-headed Ausmera.

During this preorder campaign, you can join the program for next year. You will join the ranks of chimera creators and help to shape the next chimera.

• When you place your preorder, you’ll be signed up to our Chimera Creation Campaign newsletter where you’ll get updates on the progression of this beast’s creation (including updated sketches, art work, and 3D renders!
• You will also receive a BONUS EXCLUSIVE MINIATURE, available ONLY WITH PREORDER (more info coming soon).
Last year’s exclusive mini was the popular Beaver of the Dammed.

Model will be shipping Autumn 2021.

Die exklusive Preorder Miniatur ist folgende:

Creature Caster Drop Bear

EXCLUSIVE Drop Bear mini.
This miniature comes with the Ausmera ONLY during the preorder, which ends July 1st.

Concept art by Alex Boca.

Quelle: Creature Caster

Quelle: Creature Caster bei Facebook


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