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Blotz: 28mm Desert Fort

Aller guten Dinge sind 3, deshalb gibt es das Wüstenfort bei Blotz nun auch in 28mm.

Blotz 288mmDesertFort 01 Blotz 288mmDesertFort 02 Blotz 288mmDesertFort 03 Blotz 288mmDesertFort 04 Blotz 288mmDesertFort 05

Whether you’re planning on recreating the epic tales of Beau Geste, in search of adventure equipped with your trusty Fedora and a bullwhip or struggling to defend the Emperors domain against a horde of metallic skeletons on a wind-swept planet in the far flung reaches of space the 28mm version of our Desert Fort is now here.
As with its 20mm and 15mm counterparts, all the pieces of the fort interlock allowing you to swap pieces around or add in others from the range to make the fortress your own. It also means that storing it becomes much easier as it can be quickly dismantled when it’s time to pack away.
The standard Fort measures 511mm x 445mm, with walls 101mm high and a tower reaching up to 186mm.
The individual pieces of the fort start from £3.00 and the complete set (weighing in at a chunky 2.7 Kg) is £52.00
All the sections of the Fort as well as the standard Fort kit can be found in our 28mm Desert Fort section of the Blotz website:

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