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Corvus Games Terrain: DX-220 Freighter

Ein neues Raumschiff im STL Format von Corvus Games Terrain: der DX-220 Frachter.

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Corvus Games Terrain – DX-220 Freighter – STL Datei 10,00 EUR

This 3D printable highly modified DX-220 medium freighterfrom DavINC Industries comes with multiple options allowing you to build a huge centrepiece for your gaming table. A great companion to the the very popular DX-120 light freighter.

This STL model comes as 4 main pieces for easier printing and assembly. The main cargo section has a number of different options depending on how you want to build the ship. An extra clip-on engine section prints separately to give your ship the extra power it needs.
The landing gear print separately and glue into position in the slots provided.
Also included are clip-in underslung cargo boxes and gas cylinders, as well as onboard stackable shipping container storage.

The entire ship has been re-engineered to use OpenLOCK clip technology making it much easier and faster to connect the sections together, and allowing a small degree of modularity.

Assembled size: 209mm x 435mm x 102mm

Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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