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Corvus Games Terrain: Neuheiten

Corvus Games Terrain veröffentlicht neue Modelle im STL Format.

Corvus Games Terrain – April Neuheiten:

New line of models for April

April is upon us already, and with that, there’s a new range on the Corvus Games Terrain store! After a lot of customer requests I’ve finally managed to get into Cyberpunk, and I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying the genre. The first three pieces are available now with more to come throughout the next few weeks hopefully.

I’ll be taking a break next week for a house move (finally!) so there probably won’t be much from Corvus HQ until the second/third week of April.

Corvus Games Terrain April Neuheiten 2

Cyberpunk Red Dragon Ramen Bar


The Red Dragon Ramen Bar is a great little spot to get cheap, quick food on the go.

A 3D printable 28mm scale cyberpunk influenced Ramen Bar great for futuristic themed gaming tables. Prints as two main parts, with the roof removable for interior play.
Comes with two main versions of the lower building for a little bit of variation – one open on all sides, and one with shutters down on three sides. Two different roofs are supplied with the Red Dragon logo. Also comes with optional printable shelving for inside and a small stove cooker.

Corvus Games Terrain April Neuheiten 3

Cyberpunk Cheap Hotel Building


The Cheap Hotel, a rundown, featureless capsule flophouse located in an old office block in a bad part of town.

A 3D printable 28mm scale cyberpunk influenced Hotel/office building ideal for futuristic themed gaming tables. Prints as a lower floor, with the upper floors and the roof removable for interior play. Add colored acetate sheets behind the windows for a cool thematic look.

Supplied with a lower section, and a choice of two upper floors that can stack to whatever height you need. Each storey comes with the option for an interior floor and without. OpenLOCK ports are available on the front to take a balcony or section of walkway that will connect to other buildings.

The clip-on signage comes as either a ’solid‘ printed version or as the option to print the parts separately. Why not print the drop-in sign in a translucent PLA and put some LEDs behind it! The roof has an open aircon unit to place a battery with holes to take wiring.

Corvus Games Terrain April Neuheiten 4

Cyberpunk Street Scatter Terrain


Add some thematic blocking sci-fi terrain to your table with this cyberpunk influenced scatter bundle. Perfect for adding a futuristic flavor to your gaming boards. Great companion pieces to the cyberpunk Cheap Hotel and the Red Dragon Ramen Bar
Compatible with 28mm sci-fi wargames such as Infinity, Beyond The Gates of Antares, Reality’s Edge.

Comes with:
4x Benches
1x Bollards
3x Trash Recepticles
1x Food Kiosk
2x Vending Machines
2x Vidphone Terminals
1x Street Light

Corvus Games Terrain April Neuheiten 1

Pilgrim City Small Modular Walls


A great set of 28mm – 34mm modular 3D printable small walls for your gaming tables. Each piece has an OpenLOCK connecting port to make creating wall sections a breeze. There are endless possibilities for creating dynamic setups using these modular pieces. Each pillar has the option for a single connection for the end of walls, double for connecting straight sections, and a 90 degree pillar for corners.

Great for galactic battles in the Pilgrim City, but equally at home on a middle eastern themed modern or WW2 table. Ideally suited for fantasy settings as well.

Pair with the Pilgrim City Mega Bundle for a full sci-fi themed table, and add in the Pilgrim City Temple as a fantastic centerpiece to play around. OpenLOCK regular clip and magnet ready clip supplied.

Supplied as:
1x Regular Archway
1x Ruined Archway
2x Regular Long Walls
2x High Long Walls
2x Regular Half Walls
2x High Half Walls
7x Pillar Variations
8x Ruined Walls


Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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