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Conquest: The Centaur Avatara

Para Bellum zeigen eine neue EInheit für Conquest.

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The Centaur Avatara
A massive humanoid torso crowns the baroque, armored equine monstrosity of the Centaur Avatara, bristling with arms each carrying a deadly blade. Scoffing at the notion of partnership with another being, but keenly aware of the advantages of cavalry upon the field, Spires created the Centaur iterations of the Avatara to mimic the original knights, the companions and equites of the Old Dominion. To date these have been reserved for only the eldest and most powerful elders of the Lineages. Their recent presence on the western battlefield can only bode ill for the Hundred Kingdoms as these hoary monsters shed millennia of ennui and rekindle their bloodlust and interest in battle.
Available for pre-order now: https://bit.ly/2ZmJRxs

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